Saturday, July 20, 2019

Nick Zentner's Geology Video Collection - Washington State

Wayne Ranney’s audience tends to be vacation types and as the perfect host he's wonderful at accommodating everyone, including their foolish beliefs.  See, he understands everyone in his group is entitled to enjoy their time.  So, the learning is slipped in tactfully and danced around when necessary.

In contrast to that, the impression I get from having watched most all of Professor Nick Zentner’s many videos is that if you attend one of Zentner’s classes or lectures you’d better take it seriously and pay attention if you want to keep up, oh, turn off that phone!

He displays total command of his topic and the audience.  On rare occasions we see him use his velvet hammer against some audience offender, it's incisive, and he doesn't miss a beat as he continues his talk.  A beautiful thing to watch.  I’d love to take a class devoted to studying Nick Zentner’s presentation style and structure.  He makes it look so easy, as he conveys so much.    

My one lament is that he’s in Washington state.  I’m longing for someone like him to start giving recorded talks and short videos of the Colorado Plateau area.   At least, I’ve traveled through Washington occasionally, so I can relate to his lessons and the landscapes from personal memory. 

To be clear, Nick is a fun guy. I hope so, since I can’t resist introducing him with this:

Geology Video Blooper - Columnar Basalt - Nick Zentner
Tom Foster ( and Nick Zentner (Central Washington University)


Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Wayne Ranney's Geology Video Collection - Colorado Plateau Evolution

This is what a scientist sounds like!

Many years ago my daughter gave me a book, “Ancient Landscapes of the Colorado Plateau” because she knew I liked geology.  What I found was an epiphany.  You see I’ve lived in the southwestern corner of Colorado since 1979 and it seemed like the more I got to know the San Juan Mountains and the Canyon Lands of the Colorado Plateau, and the more I read the geologic info available to the general public, the more overwhelmed and confused I felt.  Bits and pieces made sense, but there was no overarching clarity.  How did it fit together and unfold over time.  My head would spin trying to sort it out.  
Then came Ancient Landscapes, with it’s maps that look like satellite images, sequenced to reveal time unfolding and the landscape evolving.  Its concise internally consistent narrative colored in details.  By the time I was finished with it, the first time, it felt like my satchel full of fascinating but frustrating facts had been woven into a beautiful clarifying tapestry I'll never be able to describe the way they do.  Which is why you should see this for yourself.
Of course, as it goes with epiphanies, time happens, experiences are digested, and we realize whole new realms, along with a new set of questions.  The curiosity never ends, it’s a wonderful life and it’s not the destination, it’s the journey.  Enjoy.

Ancient Landscapes of the Colorado Plateau with Wayne Ranney  

Geologist Wayne Ranney describes the history of the Colorado Plateau. With illustrations and excerpts from the book he Co-authored, Wayne Ranney explains live on the plateau over the last 500 million years. Presented by Grand Canyon Trust; the University of Utah Environmental Humanities Graduate Program, supported by The Nature Conservancy, SUWA,  Pax Natura Foundation.  (April 13, 2010)

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Robert Holmes aka 1000Frolly PhD. Conman is, as Conman does.

An update for those who are curious, Dr. Robert Holmes aka 1000Frolly, the character who jumped into the middle of my breakfast pounding his chest with all cap threats a couple weeks back, has slithered away back into the night.  

Refusing to let me know, the case number, name of alleged court or date of his supposed filling, or even what his alleged suit against one Bob Trenwith is about.  Nor what the heck it has to do with me.  

Seems to me if a normal person were to have actually filed a suit and then threaten others with it, they would be willing to share the particulars.  Or at least explain why one is being contacted and threatened.  Seems only decent.  Not to mention civil and legal.

But, instead of simple civil adult information, Dr Frolly Holmes followed up with an email sporting the official Federation University Australia letterhead, with its oaths of confidentiality, etc, etc,  along with a lot of condescending avoidance of my questions and the issues - So typical, these people always feel more comfortable keeping it within their own fantasy projections, rather than reality and the issues at hand.

Monday, June 17, 2019

Dr. Holmes aka 1000Frolly sends me an email (updated June 17, 9pm)

I received an email from Dr. Robert Ian Holmes this morning:

clink on image for better viewing

Dr. Robert Holmes,

Let’s be clear, you are the malicious YouTube slandering liar Frolly1000.  Your letter arrived unsolicited and I’m not bound to any confidentiality with you, in fact you can be sure my dialogue with you will be carried out in public.  

I’m curious, was your letter written on University time?  How would the Federation University of Australia feel about you using their logo as a shield to impress and intimidate?

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Dr. Robert Ian Holmes, aka 1000Frolly, why are you threatening me?

Though I was given the tip years ago, it wasn't until this morning that I'm able to confirm for myself that the prodigious YouTube liar and AGW science slandering 1000Frolly is in fact one Dr. Robert Ian Holmes from Australia.  (not to be mistaken with Hulme!)  

A 'scientist' with rather tarnished credentials thanks to his efforts to convince folks that CO2 science is mistaken.  Writing that's so disconnected, even climate science contrarians dismiss it.   
click on image for better view
Welcome to the Age of Trumpkins - where truth is despised and bullying is everything.  This is what decades of liberal intellectual complacency has achieved for our global society.

Right now I really need to focus on a more important writing project, so can’t let this sidetrack me more than it already has.  Besides it would be good to let this steep awhile, since I have a number of responses and questions for this Dr. Robert Holmes, whom I actually had not had time for in years, but who seems scintillatingly upset at a couple confusing comments Bob Trenwith recently dropped at WUWTW.

“Inciting mob violence”?  Seriously Dr Holmes?  What are you talking about?  Please.  Or are we simply dealing with another frantic drama queen, . . . or what?  Can you explain yourself?

For now I'm going to settle for a trip down memory lane and a look at my tenuous involvement in this Dr. Holmes/1000frolly/Monckton distraction.

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Mike Hulme's Tenacious Grip on Physical Reality. An examination.

After reading Hulme's "Am I a denier, a human extinction denier?" he invites us to read: "‘We Always Get the Weather We Deserve’: The Tenacious Grip of Moral Accountability."   So I did.  It was an even deeper exploration into his Mindscape rather than climate science.  Needless to say, this essay also deserves a serious examination.
I'm looking for a job, researcher and writer, 
dedicated to confronting the deliberate calculated lies 
of the climate science contrarian community!
PO Box 56
Durango, Colorado 81326
citizenschallenge - at - gmail com  |  25/01/2018
My intention is a review of ‘libertarian' deception in action. 
Different cosmologies, religious thought, political ideologies, social practices and scientific paradigms of knowledge all contribute to the rich cultural matrix in which theories of climatic change and causation have emerged, flourished and declined. 
Sure, but lets be clear, this is about our inner perceptions and not about understanding our climate system.

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Prof. Mike Hulme gets lost in his Mindscape. An examination.

Yesterday I read an ATTP post about Mike Hulme’s controversial May 27th article, "Am I a denier, a human extinction denier?" I did a double take.  

Weren't they just saying, “No Manmade Global Warming” - then it was “No Catastrophic Warming” - now we’re up to, “No Human Extinction” - anyone else notice a disturbing pattern here?  It made me curious so I read it and found myself recalling the Missing Key, the magisteria of Physical Reality vs the magisteria of our Human Mindscape.  
I don’t know Hulme.  I do know his article did nothing to recommend him.  It was a contrived piece of…, of…, I don’t know, manipulative nothing.  A waste of time if constructive learning was one’s goal. 
However, it offers a great case study in getting lost within one’s own Mindscape and forgetting all about the Physical Reality ‘out there’.  That’s why I decided to dissect Hulme's article and add it to my collection.
In truth, I don’t know if Hulme considers himself a libertarian or not, I do know his words parrot libertarian arguments and logic so I’m comfortable assuming he is until told otherwise.
@  |  27/05/2019
My intention is a review of ‘libertarian' deception in action

¶1  There has been a lot of talk recently about climate change and extinction.
¶2  It is undoubtedly the case that species go extinct.  And sometimes large numbers of species disappear together in mass events caused by the same physical stresses.  It is also true that at some point in the future the human species will go extinct, or at the least evolve into a new species partly of our own making.