Friday, February 9, 2024

In Defense of Women, Postcard Activism - Can you help me?




In Defense of Women, Postcard Activism

Can you help?


I believe there are too many misinformed individuals out there, and that Democrats need to work harder at gaining and sharing basic solid information and arguments.

It would help enable the choir to become more persuasive in our regular interactions and discussion with people, friends, & family.  After all, if we aren’t changing minds, we are losing.

I believe that the better we can verbalize the issues, the easier it is to engage and stand up for justice.  The better our chances to help evolve people’s thinking on issues that matter.

I've taken that challenge personally and produced this “In Defense of Women” outline concise enough to fit onto a postcard.  No envelope for better visibility and hopefully to encourage sharing.  

My dream is that someday our society can learn to acknowledge that it's the mother who, above all others, possesses the situational awareness, along with the moral, ethical, and legal standing to decide the future of the growing fetus within herself. 

Thank you, 

Peter Miesler

aka citizenschallenge

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