Friday, January 24, 2020

Part 2: Examining William Happer, Fraudster Against Humanity

The Depravity of Climate Science Denial

Risking civilization for profit, ideology and ego.

(Feb. 9th - Silly me.  I was actually expecting my bud Anonymous 12/12 (Veizer?) to check back the way he promised.  Ready to engage in some serious debate.  But alas, another self-certain loud mouth runs for cover - and since I'm very busy and to be honest literally sick of our current political situation in particular the Democrats continued utter ineptness, this exercise in futility is off the burner again.  The sense of abandonment and hopelessness, along with the terror of what's coming next - because it certainly will be uglier than anything America's white bread liberals can imagine, if current trends are allowed to continue - is getting too heavy.
And no one is out there trying to really engage and network, beyond boosting membership counts.  If we aren't changing minds, we are losing!
To inform and empower and engage, nothing, nothing, nothing, while the Trumpsters are running circles around us with their reality fabrication machine.  It's enough to drive an empathetic observant thoughtful person into the sick bed.  Thus I need to pull my focus in toward what I do have a little bit of control over, my day to day, the people and commitments in my life, and to savor the little time of peace and happiness we have left.)
First, Crucial Facts Republicans and Happer Neglect:
Climate change: Where we are in seven charts
By Nassos Stylianou, Clara Guibourg, Daniel Dunford, Lucy Rodgers, David Brown and Paul Rincon  |  January 14, 2020
State of the climate: Heat across Earth’s surface and oceans mark early 2019
Zeke Hausfather   |  April 23, 2019 |
The Trump administration says the climate will warm by a disastrous amount — and there are few plans to address it
Jeremy Berke Oct 1, 2018
A Grave Climate Warning, Buried on Black Friday

In a massive new report, federal scientists contradict President Trump and assert that climate change is an intensifying danger to the United States. Too bad it came out on a holiday. …
Happer says: Most research that tries to project future climate has focused on developing and applying complex computer models that attempt to simulate the Earth’s climate system. 
Right.  Computer models are powerful.  Think about it, they can even build passenger jet planes.  All sorts of complex modern marvels are totally dependent on “computer modeling,” it’s not to be dismissed.
Those models are filled with increasingly precise information, precise enough to make air to air missiles a reality.  The experts really do know a thing or two that the likes of Happer simply disregard
"Who Says CO2 Heats Up Our Planet?" 
Worse, Republicans don’t want to learn!

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Detailing William Happer’s Fraud Against Humanity

Anonymous12/12* (Veizer?) ignored the information I shared, instead he came at me with the following,
*My reply. - Will Happer is far more qualified in this area and one of those annoying sceptics too.” 

I’ve even read claims that William Happer is ‘the authority’ that provides the scientific basis that could be used to challenge the EPA’s endangerment finding of the atmospheric pollutant CO2.  

Curiously, this Republican “authority” on climate science, has never studied the topic, nor done any research in the ‘area’ of climate sciences, nor presented any serious scientific papers on any aspect of the topic!

William Happer used to be a recognized authority in the relatively simplistic area of atomic physics, optics and spectroscopy.  But, that’s the end of it!  

Happer’s education and experience is totally inadequate for understanding complex global system science!    As I detail in this review.

What Happer has is that astounding Republican amorality and chutzpah, he’s good at fighting dirty and rhetorical fancy dancing, not to mention he’s politically extremely right wing and proud of it.  Oh have I mentioned William Happer receives retirement income from the coal industry?  

Shhhh, it’s a secret:

Someone with such passionate political interests can never be an unbiased reviewer of science.  But all that honesty integrity sort of thing seems out of fashion these days. 

Happer is a political advocate, a salesman for his product.  Truth and learning about this Earth is the last thing on his mind.  Yet they should have been the first things on ours.  

In the following I consider Happer’s own words and compare them to the backdrop of readily available current scientific understanding.  As usual you’ll find many links to further supporting information along with an appendix of relevant articles and videos at the end of this examination of Dr. Happer’s public claims.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Let's Debate William Happer's CO2 Delusion

Anonymous12/12  (Veizer?) inspired me to take on Mr. CO2 Coalition's Dr. William Happer by examining his "Carbon Dioxide Benefits the World - talking points”
As I was finishing my closing to part one of that review, it occurred to me this was turning into a good stand alone declaration and invitation, why bury it?  The review itself to be posted shorty:

Closing thoughts regarding Happer's Carbon Dioxide Benefits the World.
In the final analysis Dr. Happer and Republican climate science myths are deluded nonsense. 
Projecting a comic book image of our Earth, one driven by willful ignorance, corporate power-politics and self-interested avarice with a sociopathic disregard for humanity; this biosphere we depend on; and the future.  
Educationally, it’s pure garbage!  Nothing in it is serious science or objective information.
I defy any Dr. Happer fan to engage in an honest open constructive fact-based debate, that can intelligently dispute my claims.  
Bullying, threats, dirty tricks can shut down the discuss, but can you come up with serious honest arguments and evidence?  
Can you teach anything constructive? Can you learn anything from new information?

So, what is the deal with Earth and climate and CO2 and current events?

Sunday, January 5, 2020

Anonymous12/12 (Veizer?) drops by with more complaints.

I received some more comments from Anonymous12/12 yesterday.  Same games, so once again his comments get rejected.  Though, I’m certainly not going to ignore them because they so perfectly represent what rational people are up against and what I’m trying to write about.  

Anonymous12/12’s three comments offer another good vehicle for me to try to convey what I’ve learned from decades of listening to the disingenuous contrarian monologue.  Mostly I’m addressing Anonymous12/12, but occasionally I switch my attention to readers, all of it is food for thought.  The embedded images show that I haven’t changed any of his words.  

What's the point.

Dissect the debate, understand what they are going to come at you with.
Be prepared! 
(latest edit Jan 5, near midnight)
Unknown at 11:56 AM  (2/3)
(click on image)

Peter, Firstly happy new year to you. 

Hopefully less insults hypocrisy about insults 

when there have been many more from your side*. 
*I think not!

The irony of your type complaining about hypocrisy isn’t lost on me.  

Yes, I did say your previous comment typified the behavior of an Intellectual Juvenile Delinquent.  After reading these comments, I see nothing has changed. 

You continue exhibiting a certain thuggish behavior.  
Why not respect my rules?

I’m ready for a serious dialogue, but you aren’t offering one, you have games on your mind.

A good faith dialogue is upfront and with a free exchange of information and references done in plain english.  That said, I will share your comments on my terms and with appropriate commentary.
Can you please send a copy of the interaction between 14 scientists and the work of Drs Shaviv & Veizer the link isn’t working. 
Send a copy?  Sure, give me an email address.

Or you could look for yourself:  (the following is a fraction of what you can find over there.)