Monday, October 31, 2011

Watts up with this?

  Anthony Watts affords me my 15 seconds of fame.
Since I intend to examine various posts at WUWT: "Ben Santer speaks on climate modeling, and everything else"  discussion thread,  I figured why not start with this exchange:
For what it’s worth, someone was asking if anyone would take the time to transcribe Santer’s talk at Chico State. Well, I have. It’s not the full hour talk, only about 4,000 words worth of highlights with time signatures.
Unauthorized notes of Dr. Ben Santer’s October 21, 2011 Chico State talk to Anthony Watts and friends.”

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PS. Anthony if you cared to offer me Donna Laframboise’s new expose I’d promise to read it?
REPLY: Peter, why would I want to offer you anything when you’ve “had it” with me? From your new website:
Basically, I’ve had it with the contemptuous behavior and writings over at ~ ~ ~ I’m no scientist but I have been paying attention to the CO2 driven Anthropogenic Global Warming science since learning the basics in high school science classes back in ’72 and ’73
Are you sure you’ve been paying attention? You can Pay $5 and get it yourself. Since you are likely to trash it (based on your past behavior) I see no reason to offer it free. Request denied. – Anthony
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My reply:
Anthony, I was just asking.
I do appreciate your courtesy in not deleting my above post and link.

And I’m sorry that my feelings towards the posts and comments here (at WUWT) is so dismal, but, that’s why I’ve started that site to intelligently explain why I feel as I do. Unfortunately, I’m a worker-bee so my time is limited, but I will keep plugging away at it as my free time permits.

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upon further reflection... further comments to...

Anthony Watts,
funny you should use the word "trash" in describing me.

I myself would use that term in describing how you, Mr. Anthony Watts, have dealt with honorable climatologist over at your What's Up With That blog!

I wonder how would you compare my "trashing" with your "skepticism"   ?

As for your comment: "Are you sure you’ve been paying attention?"

Yes, I am fairly sure,
But, I also appreciate that mine is a subjective perspective and considering my natural curiosity and desire to understand this world I have been blessed to witness,
I truly do remain open to all interesting new and relevant information.

As for your "AGW skepticism" for starters I wonder how do you manage to ignore Planetary Observational information such as that described in the following posts???

Forewarning:  Proclaiming SkS are bad guys and should be ignored really isn't a very intellectually honest way to approach the subject.


Instead what I see at your blog is that you keep digging into your bag of statistical tricks to mesmerize those who don't want to accept responsibility for what society has been doing to our planet’s atmosphere and oceans to begin with.

This is what I am railing against!

You see, Mr. Watts, it seems tragic to me watching the parade of recycled discredited old news masqueraded as new news over at your WUWT, all the while Willfully Ignoring the realities being shared with you by full time dedicated and honest scientists...  Well, it all seems like just so much crazy-making focused on clinging to some Reaganomics fantasy despite all the Writing On all The Walls.

So here at What's Up With That Watts I intend to share what is impossible to get past your WUWT'zers censors...  and I do hope for some sort of meaningful dialogue.

Peter Miesler

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