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WUWT champions and cheers Monckton's lies, fortunately Peter Hadfield gives an excellent response

{Peter Hadfield’s video taped response within}

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  First there was YouTube’s “Potholer54” video series 
“Monckton’s Bunkum” highlighting the Lord’s “errors.”
Then someone compiled and posted a list of those errors.  
Anthony can explain the rest:
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"Monckton answers a troll"
WUWT Post September 18th, 2011, by Anthony Watts
“This is a response by Christopher Monckton to the comment on the "Nurse anti'science thread yesterday by anonymous commenter “The other Brian” who in typical troll style, tries to distract away from the post and point being made - with noise    {signed}, Anthony Watts. {...}”
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Peter Hadfield replied to this post by making another YouTube video with a point by point, evidence backed, indictment of the Lord's stated claims and denials, which can be viewed below. 

This past Wednesday Anthony Watts posted Lord Monckton’s response to YouTube’s Potholer54’s video “Monckton responds”

  Interestingly, putting them side by side, this week's post looks to be a rehash of the Lord's September post. 
And again whereas Peter Hadfield has arrayed clearly spelled out evidence and references all the Lord offers is more words, opinions, basically a lot of handwaving. 

Makes great theater, but it isn’t how science or learning happens.

Isn’t advancing knowledge what we should be striving for?  
But then, we know why Lord Monckton is incapable of replying to Hadfield’s specific points in a serious manner.
The man’s story line is without substance.

In any event the saga continues:
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WUWT:  Monckton responds to “potholer54”
Posted on January 11, 2012 by News Staff
By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley

“Various You-Tube videos by a former “science writer” who uses a speleological pseudonym “potholer54″ sneeringly deliver a series of petty smears about artfully-distorted and often inconsequential aspects of my talks on climate change. Here, briefly, I shall answer some of his silly allegations. . .
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The constant gratuitous derision is a red flag for bully over substance. For instance, why attack someone listing facts?  Discuss the facts, don’t stoop to name calling.  Troll indeed.  

Aren't all the facts supposed to be considered?

Understanding what's happening to our climate and how society is impacting those natural dynamics should be a learning process, not a parlor debate where rhetorical tricks win the day. . . and every "opponent" is demonized because all disagreements are considered treasonous. 

Monckton is about political theater and diverting attention, as he so eloquently revealed during last year's "debate" with Tim Lambert: "It’s not about climatology it’s about freedom" Part 11/15 (1:30) 

He's wrong IT IS ABOUT CLIMATOLOGY AND NOT POLITICS ! It downright hurts that folks can’t figure out that message.

Anthony Watt's how in the world can you still support the proven serial liar Lord Monckton but condemn Michael Mann for his "hockey stick" work which continues to be reflected throughout Earth Observations?

We're supposed to be about learning what our planet is doing !   And our planet doesn't care one fig for humanity's aspirations or economic desires.   It reacts to physics not rhetoric or your political agenda.  Anthony & Monckton’s brand of willful ignorance is nothing less than contempt for our children’s future.

I am proud to repost Mr. Hadfield’s information loaded videos which do a superb job of exposing Mr. Monckton's serial lies. 

Since the Lord’s new post is pretty much a rehash of September’s 
the following rings true as before:
But, first the Lord's opening quote from his 
September "Watt's Up With That" feature:
By Christopher Monckton
“I seem to get more than my fair share of ad-hominem attacks from trolls. One such has recently posted up a lifetime list of my supposed “errors”, and has made some nasty allegations. May I for once reply? The troll’s allegations are in bold face: my replies are in [italics].”

 What amazing words coming from a man who has turned insults, slander and constant misquoting into an art form.
Read Monckton’s words, think about his emotionalism and constant derision - the man is about theater, and reinforcing make-believe, rather than any sincere learning process.  
He’s a peddler when we need teaching and learning.

Read what the Monckton writes, 
then like a genuine skeptic listen to the rest of the story:

Peter Hadfield aka YouTube's Potholer54: "Monckton responds" (part 1/2)

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Peter Hadfield aka YouTube's Potholer54: "Monckton responds" (part 2/2)

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Uploaded by on Dec 3, 2011
"Monckton has responded to my catalogue of his errors, on the website
It includes an extraordinary reversal of position on most of them, including an outright denial of what he said (needless to say, I have video tape of him saying it.)"


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