Saturday, January 5, 2013

Why do people draw fake pictures of global warming?

Recently I was asked:
If he is a fake skeptic then he is not a skeptic, so why is a person who is not a skeptic of global warming drawing fake pictures of global temperatures?

I've been pondering this question and have come to wonder if it isn't because they are unaware of their own denial?

People are so embedded in their life-styles, jobs and faith-system {religious and economic/political} that they are unaware - and worse, uninterested in -  the world outside their insular bubbles.

Add to that the warped diet of Hollyworld fare - including Hollywood movies and the expectations they engender... a gluttonous consumerist mentality that's force fed at every turn.  Then there's the mentality that maximizing ones profits and scrambling for ever more stuff and kicks is life's highest calling.

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a related side story:
As a carpenter with much experience in high end custom homes and condos.I can tell you it's about the facades and impressing people.   

Economy, functionality, maintenance {meaning to build in a way that minimizes and facilitates long term maintenance}, that stuff takes a back seat most all the time.   

Instead we have a situation where everyone in the chain of construction is trying to squeeze the greatest profit out of the thing.  The architect builds way bigger, fancier than they need to and often beyond clients original desires, (the sales pitch... if it's going to resell you need x,x,x,x,x,  whether you do or not is another question; although then market-expectations comes into the sales-pitch; which brings us back to Hollyworld and our collective ever expanding expectations that are force fed at every turn.). 

Oh but back to the building.  It's not just the architect, after that everyone else in the chain want's you to spend as much as possible, so no one has any incentive to conserve resources or dollars. 
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And it seems the same fractal is played out throughout our economy.

And all that Hollyworld stuff has painted most all of us into a corner.
It's tough for the fish to recognize the water. 

So we have this situation where...
well, yes, it's true...
from the git go the reality of anthropogenic global warming meant our over the top expectations and life style and economy was going to upend an incredibly beautiful stable period in our planet's climate. 

Accepting the reality that the key to our prosperity - that is fossil fuels - is the key to destroying the biosphere's balance upon which future generations depend...
... meant the collective We The People needed to out-growing our adolescent/twentyish Reaganomics/Randian me, me, me mentality.

It demanded developing a stewardship attitude towards our planet's biosphere and resources, including that thin atmosphere with it's delicate greenhouse gas balance that makes our lives possible.

Most people couldn't... can't, do that.  They can't imagine stepping outside their "comfort zone."

Thus they can listen to the most reasoned evidence loaded explanations regarding global warming and they simply glaze over. 
The reality of the situation vs. their expectations simply overloads their minds.

It's understandable enough.  Self-destructive impulse in humans is one of our hallmarks.

Thus the fake skeptic is born, weaned on the best of intentions, still subconsciously believing they can dictate the future, thus it's OK to manipulate and misrepresent anything they can; and to fall in love with their fantasies.
The AGW consensus is NOT formed by scientists.
The AGW consensus IS compelled by the evidence.
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One Directional Skepticism Equals Denial

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