Friday, March 29, 2013

{#2} Watts attacking Christian scientist Dr. Katharine Hayhoe

Being a regular working guy {respectable mastery of 2 trades}, but with a life long love for this planet, science and experiencing life, I've never developed the real scientist's discipline, extra gray-matter horsepower, nor that steely eyed focus, to say nothing of the required stick-to-itiveness.  That's one reason I respect them and listen to them, even when it means reevaluating, adjusting or even dumping previously trusted conceptions.

Together with that I've got a bit of  'over attention syndrome' and not near enough hours in the day.  So I do what I can with what I got.  I bring this up because this post is a detour  on the way to writing another post about Anthony Watts, this time his desperate and ridiculous attack on Dr. Katharine Hayhoe.  

You see I was following WUWT's link to an interview with Dr. Hayhoe, that turned out to be a most interesting interview and I thought she did a great job of explaining some important concepts.  Then I got to comments section and oy vey WUWT's troops have been having a field day, dishing out grade school misconceptions right and left.

So I wrote me a little letter that I hope get's through moderation 
{In this version I've been able to correct some of those dastardly typos that haunt me. }:

03/29/2013 - 10:54 am
What an incredible list of misunderstanding and misconceptions the commenters have rattled off.

But, I fear there’s little point in even going over the list, because the misconception have been thoroughly explained in many places, many times over, perhaps being the best repository of climate science accessible to the under-educated layperson – but there are dozens of other sources, you just gotta poke around

But, if you’re committed to willfully ignoring valid and substantial evidence ~ you will remain blind to it. :-(

There’s no describing how incredibly heart-breaking it’s been – these past decades – watching this hubristic Republican Politico driven Climate Science Denial Machine – so crazy up the dialogue – that nothing substantial and actually meaningful has been done to mitigate society’s undeniable impacts on the climate system, {that would be our global heat distribution engine}, something we DEPEND ON FOR EVERYTHING! How blind can people be ???

Protecting their “Free Corporate Market” is the only dang thing they seem to see.

Too blind to recognize this society driven build up of our atmosphere’s insulation levels is a threat that’s going to shatter their “Holy Free Market” and the underpinning of The Biosphere that created and nurtured us these past eons.

With every passing season the future looks clearer but uglier because we the people allowed Politicos to do our thinking for us.

Oh and because we seem to have totally forgotten about the wonder that is our planet – and how important our “environment” is to a healthy life.

We all shall reap what we’ve allowed them to sow.

Where is their any awareness or conception of what our “Global Heat Distribution Engine” means among all you folks who deny the rational scientific understanding?

Atmosphere, Land and Ocean fueled by the radiance of our Sun…
interwoven with many currents exchanging and moving along energy and mass…
Temperature gradients, Barometric differentials, masses of moisture flowing around in a dynamic equilibrium….

The North Pole remains cold, so when warmer air masses get shoved into those regions by more erratic Jet Stream Current behavior {caused by newly exposed Arctic Ocean becoming a heat absorption plate and moist convection current driver – you know, those fearful cascading consequences.}. That cold air has got to go somewhere.

When extra moist air driven by extra warm ocean, meets displaced Arctic Air Masses, that moisture has only one way to go.

What I find most disturbing is the Republican Politico’s dependence on “Arguments from Incredulity”… from willfully ignoring valid and substantial evidence.

Happy Learning

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