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Considering Topher's "50 to 1 Project" #A

Thoughts on Topher Field's performance.

Topher Field's "50 to 1 Project" 
Published on Sep 1, 2013
0:01  -  What if I could show you that it's fifty times more expensive to try and stop climate change than it is to adapt to climate change as and if it happens.
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Last week I put together a transcribed copy of Topher Field's introduction video for his "50 to 1 Project" along with some rough notes.  This evening I got back to it and haven't gotten past Topher's first sentence.  It really does say it all and exposes this guy for the con-artist that he is.

To begin with Topher actually suggests perhaps global warming isn't happening: "and if it happens" - oh, pleaze!  

The thing that people like Field want everyone to ignore is that recently our atmosphere's CO2 level topped 400 ppm, a concentration not experienced on Earth in at least 2 million years... of course, for those who have convinced themselves that Earth's story is written in a manmade book that claims our life giving planet is only about 6 thousand years old, this presents a problem - but it's a problem within their individual heads and hearts - not a problem with the physical reality of our Earth.  

As for the geophysical realities of our planet, not only are atmospheric CO2 concentrations higher than they have been in millions of years, but their rate of increase is over a hundred times faster than in the past. 
For example, at the end of the last Ice Age it took 7 thousand years for the CO2 level to increase by 80 ppm.  Modern society has managed that amount of increase in 55 years!  

That is a staggering realization!  Yet, folks like Topher Field don't want to hear it.  They refuse to listen or learn and just drone on and on as though nothing else exists. Worse they actually seem to believe they're smarter than trained experts.

I keep asking myself, what is it with the Republican/Libertarian mindset that they believe ideology is more powerful than Earth processes?  Sure, sure, maybe, in the fields of politics, finance and religion such a mindset seems to rule all.  But, the hubris to think we can ignore what's happening in our atmosphere, or its cascading consequences, that beats all.

Even before that, Topher has the cheek to suggest: "... to try and stop climate change"

Suggesting we can "stop" climate change reveals that Topher doesn't have a clue about what is happening with our planet's Global Heat Distribution Engine (read climate system).  

This stuff can't be reduced to the shallow cartoon Topher presents.  Greenhouse gases are well understood and their part in keeping our planet warm is not disputed by anyone who's seriously looks at the evidence.  Today's battle is to keep global warming from going totally destructive.

Unfortunately, Topher's basic message is an appeal to ignorance: 'Nothing is wrong, no worries and for god sakes lets all ridicule and ignore the experts.'  
The tragedy is that his audience is in league with this dishonest nonsense.

{to be continued when I can}

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I like the term Global Heat Distribution Engine because it's the only term I know that does justice to the complexity of Earth's incredible interwoven processes.  Recently, in consultation with over 220 scientific experts from 18 international Earth sciences research agencies and academic institutions, NASA produced this incredible video that never uses the term, but that describes exactly what it means:

Global Heat Distribution Engine
Earth From Space (HD)

SJ TV  -  August 20, 2012  -  1:31:32
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A sampling of the supporting evidence:

Greenhouse gas level highest in two million years, NOAA reports 

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Increasing Greenhouse Gas Concentrations Will Have Many Effects
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How do we know more CO2 is causing warming?
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Climate.gov  -  Global Climate Indicators

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