Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Other Dr.Mann Court Case

And since I'm on a roll {and because I allowed my original project for the day to be thoroughly side-tracked, by another denialist challenge over at SkepticForum} I may as well add one more "Repost", this one written by Dana Nuccitelli, titled "Mann Fights Back Against Denialist Abuse" - it looks at the other Dr. Mann court case.  

The case where Dr. Mann finally said, enough is enough.  And decided that the malicious slander the Competitive Enterprise Institute fabricated and that the National Review gave top billing to, in their ongoing campaign to befuddle and confuse the public, needed to be exposed and punished. (see here and here for updates from this past summer.)

Without further ado and with much thanks to Dana and John Cook and all the other volunteers who have made the number one source for non-scientists to become familiar with climate science... as opposed to the misleading and distracting sound-bites our right-wing prefers, here it is:

Mann Fights Back Against Denialist Abuse (via Skeptical Science)
Posted on 28 July 2012 by dana1981 At Skeptical Science, we prefer to stick to discussions of the scientific literature and body of evidence.  However, for the long time there has been a systematic abuse of climate scientists from climate denialists…

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citizenschallenge said...

FYI. check out:
Moyhu - February 25, 2014
Moyhu - Links for Mann legal matters

"I have been collecting links for various documents associated particularly with the current libel case of Mann vs CEI/NRO/Steyn. I've been arguing about that on the usual blogs (Lucia,CA,WUWT).

I don't want to canvass the arguments here, but just to collect links to relevant documents. For case docs, I've tried to source the very good DC Slapp Law site linked above, partly because its pdf's are selectable.

So here is a table of links. I'll try to add to them over time. …"