Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Years of Living Dangerously - facing what's happening

There’s a new documentary series out that has traveled the world to chronicle the dramatic changes upon our planet and the cascading consequences of those changes to age old climate patterns.  It's not about models or forecasts, it's about impacts happening today.  It's called Years of Living Dangerously.

Being of the generation who learned about this global warming science and atmospheric observations in the early 1970s, it is indescribably heartbreaking to see those fearful, yet sober, projections from way back, {when the science of climatology was young}, being played out in real time and real life.

Every bit as heartbreaking has been witnessing the escalating war of dirty-tricks and lies the Republican/Libertarian powers-that-be have waged against a rational sober understanding of the science.  

I’ve watched as decade after decade passed with increasing indications of the reality of our impact upon our one and only home planet.  And rather than rationally learning about our planet and the reality of the impacts that increasing billions of resource hungry humans were having upon our finite planet - 
all has been done to distract in favor of pursuing war games and profits like this was still the Middle Ages.

Unfortunately, as the science and evidence get’s stronger, the contrarian opposition get’s more shrill and hateful and disconnected.  Nothing is learned, nothing changes, as we relentlessly continue down our slippery slidey slope towards irreversible climate catastrophe.

Funny (not), my Republican pals are happy to remind me “Earth’s climate has always changed.” 

Yea, fine and dandy, it sure has and I’m also sure the reptiles and insects will love the new hot house Earth we are bequeathing back to them through our continued willful ignorance and neglect.  We are obviously running out of time to slow down this geophysical experiment will they listen?
Unfortunately, I fear the folks that need to watch this the most will refuse to. Since they are the one’s who are resolutely opposed to considering anything new, or outside their bubble of awareness, as though they themselves are smarter then the collective thinking of many tens of thousands of scientists, the pursuers of knowledge and understanding{as opposed to the guardians of dogma.}

Years of Living Dangerously Premiere Full Episode 
Published on Apr 6, 2014 by Years of Living Dangerously 
Hollywood celebrities and respected journalists span the globe to explore the issues of climate change and cover intimate stories of human triumph and tragedy.  Watch new episodes Sundays at 10PM ET/PT, only on SHOWTIME.

I sure hope they won’t be limited to Showtime, this thing should be seen by many.  I imagine the celebs will draw a lot of fire and ridicule - anything to rationalize ignoring the real story.  So sad.

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Dr. Heidi Cullen and Tom Friedman on Face the Nation

Published on Apr 6, 2014
Climate Central's Dr. Heidi Cullen and Thomas Friedman of the New York Times discuss climate change and the upcoming Showtime series, "Years of Living Dangerously" with CBS' Bob Schieffer on Face the Nation.


citizenschallenge said...

I shouldn't forget to tip my hat to the folks at SkepticalScience.com from whom I first learned about this video.


plus a comment from over there is worth passing along"

GWS writes:
"Note that the project comes with an educator resource linked through the main page,


It is sparsely populated yet, but since movies generally make a good entry point for discussion, reinforcement, and motivation, it may become a useful resource, including for house (watching) parties."

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Jim Steele your chutzpah is amazing - but why should that surprise me given the dishonesty you display in your writings

Now you come over here to comment 4/15/2015:

"Since Citizenchallenge is the only one who comments on this blog, perhaps I am wasting my time. But for those who want an objecitive skeptical opinion from an avid evironamentalist regards thie fear mongering in this documentary, please read my analysis . . .
{No Mr. Steele I will not allow you to advertise your latest abomination over here. Though if I get caught up I may dedicate a full post to examining it. We'll see.}
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Mr. Steele,

Before you come here with your high and mighty expectations show some intellectually integrity and respond to my critiques of your malicious attacks on serious science:

Fabricating Climate Doom - Steele's Extreme Weather Extinctions Enron Style - examined - 3/30/2014

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citizenschallenge said...

Jim Steele, I have examined your article and it's another abomination - for details see:

Friday, April 25, 2014

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