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Who is Patrick Moore the contrarian?

Greg Laden recently wrote about another representative of the "No Worries - Do Nothing" gang who claims to be what he ain't.

It seems that in the tradition of climate science deniers everywhere, Patrick Moore is another character who pads his resume' with false claims to pump up his projected credibility - in the process revealing himself to be a tad morally bankrupt and opportunistic - indicating a lack of that commitment to the truth which is the hallmark of the practicing scientists he tries so hard to defame.  

Conjuring projections while disregarding factual substance.

Here are some excerpts from Greg Laden's article:

Posted by Greg Laden on June 27, 2014

Who are the founders of Greenpeace? Not Patrick Moore.
Patrick Moore is a Hippie for Hire. He makes the claim that he co-founded Greenpeace, and charges a fee to show up at conferences or other venues, or sit on boards, to provide a story that anti-environmentalists, global warming deniers, and others, like to hear. The part where he takes your money to lie, as far as I can tell, is true. The part about how he co-founded Greenpeace is apparently not true.
Patrick Moore, a paid spokesman for the nuclear industry, the logging industry, and genetic engineering industry, frequently cites a long-ago affiliation with Greenpeace to gain legitimacy in the media. Media outlets often either state or imply that Mr. Moore still represents Greenpeace, or fail to mention that he is a paid lobbyist and not an independent source… 
For more than 20 years, Mr. Moore has been a paid spokesman for a variety of polluting industries, including the timber, mining, chemical and the aquaculture industries. Most of these industries hired Mr. Moore only after becoming the focus of a Greenpeace campaign to improve their environmental performance. Mr. Moore has now worked for polluters for far longer than he ever worked for Greenpeace.
Most importantly, given Patrick Moore’s insistence that he is a founder of Greenpeace, is this statement by the organization:
Patrick Moore Did Not Found Greenpeace 
Patrick Moore frequently portrays himself as a founder or co-founder of Greenpeace, and many news outlets have repeated this characterization. Although Mr. Moore played a significant role in Greenpeace Canada for several years, he did not found Greenpeace. Phil Cotes, Irving Stowe, and Jim Bohlen founded Greenpeace in 1970. Patrick Moore applied for a berth on the Phyllis Cormack in March, 1971 after the organization had already been in existence for a year. 
Greenpeace even kept a copy of the letter Patrick Moore sent to them asking for a birth on a boat to engage in a nuclear protest, dated to long after the founding of Greenpeace. Here it is:

For a look at Moore's March 16, 1971 letter please link to Greg's Blog.
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For more background on this character Patrick Moore might I suggest the following:

Bio -
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Who Is Patrick Moore? A Look At The Former Greenpeace Member's Industry Ties And Climate Denial

Patrick Moore's Climate Misinformation Is Nothing New
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Unpicking a Gish-Gallop: former Greenpeace figure Patrick Moore on climate change

Posted on 25 August 2012 by John Mason
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WUWT Sticky: Patrick Moore yearns for the "good old days" 500 million years ago

Sou  |  THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 2014

Affirmation from a born again denier 
"When modern life evolved over 500 million years ago..." So a bloke by the name of Patrick Moore said to his patron, Senator James Inhofe.  Anthony Watts thinks so highly of Patrick Moore's dumb, boring, tired repetition of out-dated denier talking points that he made it a sticky (archived here).  (Patrick Moore for those who've never heard of him, is apparently a "born-again denier" who says he was associated with Greenpeace in its early days, back when he was a hot-headed youth.  He left Greenpeace a couple of years later when he decided to become ideologically conservative and forsake environmental activism for the scientific illiterati.  Since then he's been trading on his "born again denier" status.  Update: I've put some related links in a comment below.) 
What's happened in the last 500 million years... 
Young earth creationists think modern life was created out of nothing 4,000 years ago or whenever.  Patrick Moore says modern life evolved over 500 million years ago therefore rising CO2 is not a problem. 

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PS. This has gotten me to thinking about that right-wing penchant for despising anyone who advocates for our one and only life sustaining Earth.  Why are they so willfully stupid to force themselves to remain blind to the fact that we the people depend on a healthy biosphere with all it's Life Support Mechanisms?

What is so difficult to grasp about - cash and materials goods being great, but without a healthy life support system they are worthless?

It's the real tragedy of our time {and humanity's dwindling future prospects} that the Republican/Libertarian approach can't conceive of our biosphere and natural resources as anything more than fuel for their economic machine to consume. 

KJ, why shouldn't Earth have an Advocate?

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