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How to Debate Every Time - Troll Redsilverj

{edited 12/11/14 evening}
I came across a video that's too ridiculous to share or talk about, except that it did remind me of a simple experiment people can do to understand why warming our Global Heat Distribution Engine (system) read "Climate" will result in way wilder weather than we are prepared to deal with.

And it's also my own little experiment to check out my new concept about tracking YouTube comments with screenshots.

 {Updated 12/7/12, early - H/T Potholer54}

There are two kinds of skeptics, 
complete skeptic (that includes self-skepticism) and 
one-directional skeptic (aka contrarian types) 

There are two kinds of debate
one where 
learning is the goal,
the other 
debate for debate {and fortune'$} sake.

In the first 

you listen to and weigh your opponent's information and arguments, with the goal being to use opposing arguments to better understand one's own reasoning and justifications.

To learn from evidence and arguments... allowing the best to inspire reevaluating our own understanding.  That's how we learn, and evolve, how we get better and move forward as we travel through our short lives. Hey and sometimes it hurts and our egos get bruised but that's part of the game of life and growing...  know what I mean?

The second is 
all about personal point scoring 
relying on tricks rather than a serious dialogue 
it has no interest in learning or truth, 
only in "winning".

 Not much else to add except a slightly polished copy of the test and link.

Dude, bitching about misleading headlines {actually it's way worse then bitching it's a hodgepodge mess} - does NOT teach anyone anything about why injecting 2 to 3 gigatons per month of known "greenhouse gases" into our planet's atmosphere will heat our Earth's global heat distribution engine!!!

Have you ever heated up water?  Have you paid any attention to what happens to that water as it warms, especially if other stuff is floating within that water.  Try it, heat that water very slowly.  Notice those ribbons stuff (circulation currents) going up, then down?  Heat it up another notch, notice how those patterns are changing.  You do notice something happening there? 

Take your time, notch it up slowly -> That is what we are doing on grand scale to our planet.  We got an atmosphere that took, billions and millions of years to establish itself into a rhythm.  An incredibly nice rhythm, one that made an credibly complex society possible.  But, how we are changing our atmosphere is causing warming and that is kicking our climate in the butt.  Real simple physics, believe it or not!

As for this game Redsilverj is playing… you interested in learning about that ? . . .

Hehehe - this seems apropos

How to Argue with a Booger Butt

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