Sunday, September 6, 2015

Climate blogger Steven Goddard exposes himself. Amazing.

I came across an interesting website a few weeks back.  It's not some fantastic new information source. This one is different. it's more along the lines of a taste of divine justice whilst dispensing a dose of moral comedy.

As for background story, there's a character on the internet who personifies the Republican/libertarian echo-chamber's approach to confusing climate science awareness by throwing as much excrement as it as possible and then ignoring all opportunities to educate himself.  His name is Steven Goddard, no, not the respected late rocket scientist Robert Goddard, just some schmuck desperately trying to steal some luster off another's great name, (like the George C. Marshall Institute, which has absolutely nothing to do with the man who died in '59).

At first it was a mystery, who was this character?  By and by it turned out to be one Tony Heller.  You may ask who is Tony Heller?  Beats me.  It only get's interesting because now another Tony Heller has stepped up to the internet plate with his website Exposed:

Who is this Tony Heller Exposed?  Well he claims to be the dude hiding behind Steve Goddard's name.  Yeah, it's twisted.  In his own words: "Exposed is me, the person behind Steve Goddard, an over-the-top-climate denying troll.  I'm blowing the whistle on myself and sometimes others."  To learn more about Tony aka Goddard aka Heller visit here.

In truth, I'm not sure what to make of his blog, except that more people ought to be aware of it.  Why?  Because it seems to me there are some good lessons in this approach - that is, in watching how one of the clowns comes clean, or is it tastes some of his own vile poison?  You decide.  Here are a few snippets:

Exposing Tony Heller, Exposed

Deniers constantly ask me who I am in real life. Why? Because they can’t debate the actual science, they can only try to undermine the reputation of others. I imagine it’s frustrating for them if they don’t know who I am because then it becomes impossible for them to attack me. So the only thing they have left to attack is my anonymity.
So this is a response to those who insist on knowing who I am. If you don’t believe my answers below, … link

Welcome to the Schizophrenic Cherry Picking World of the Climate Denier

My name is Tony Heller (aka Steven Goddard). I’m a professional climate change denier and I use this blog to blow the whistle on myself and sometimes others, too.
Earlier this month, I talked about one of my favorite cherry picks, the cherry blossom pick. Today, we are going to talk about one of the dangers of the cherry pick which is that the evidence you use today can be used against you tomorrow. That’s because over the short-term, climate change indicators can fluctuate all over the place and a short-term trend in one direction can quickly trend to the other direction.
The good news is that the average Joe or Jane isn’t keeping close track of what you say over any length of time. Our goal is quick reinforcement of the idea that global warming is a hoax. That’s what sticks with people, anyway, not details and nuance. So feel free to cherry pick away and contradict yourself with abandon. It doesn’t matter if you talk out of both sides of your mouth.
To prove to you just how shameless you can be and still get away with it, let me demonstrate what I do with Antarctic sea ice: … link

Climate Scientists Slip Up, Forget to Fudge Antarctic Sea Ice Data

My name is Tony Heller (aka Steven Goddard) and I’m a professional climate denier. Being a climate denier is tough work. Thousands of climate scientists—or criminals as I like to call them — across the globe are deceiving the public with bogus data all the time and it’s very difficult to keep up. Readers of my blog know that I’ve uncovered a vast cabal of inept, corrupt scientists and journalists lying about temperature recordsmigration patternsglacial ice melt ratesgeologic evidencesnow cover recordsarctic sea ice datasea level rise ratesgrowing season patternsplanetary sciencesevere weather patternsocean acidification dataocean heat content records and even pollen counts. As I’ve said before, anthropogenic climate change is the greatest fraud in history. I’ll be honest, it’s tough for little old me to keep up with all the deception (so please donate).
However, they’ve finally slipped up…big time. They totally forgot to fudge the Antarctic sea ice record! I’m using their very own data and there’s absolutely question it proves Antarctic sea ice is growing. Take a look: … link

Heartland’s Heller Headache

Dear Heartland Institute Executive Board and Staff,
I recently noticed that on your website, you state your organization is out to “promote pro-environment policies based on sound science and economics, not alarmism or ideology” and also have a “strong stand against the politicization of science on matters of public health and the environment.”
Fine. Great. I have no issue with these claims.
But I gotta ask, how do expect to ever maintain that façade by inviting a guy like me, Tony Heller, to present at your climate change conference? To be perfectly honest with you, it’s probably not a good idea for Heartland to associate with me. I’m guessing your staff must not have properly vetted me.
I know Heartland Institute took it on the chin a couple of years back with the Unabomber billboard campaign. I’d hate to see that happen again. So please allow me to give you a clearer understanding of who you are dealing with by showing you just a small sampling of the tweets I’ve made about “climate terrorists” and progressives on my Twitter account: … link

View the Comments Judith Curry Didn’t Want You See on Her Blog

Climate Change News, Washington, DC — Our hard hitting reporters have uncovered a trove of deleted comments from Judith Curry’s recent blog post. The comments, from climate denier “Tony Heller Exposed,” shed light on Curry’s shocking hypocrisy. Apparently, the comments hit a nerve with the climatologist—who pretends to value open discussion from all sides of the climate debate—and were wiped from the public record.
Out of 9 comments posted by climate denier parodist, Tony Heller Exposed, only one remains. The remaining comment links to a blog post on the parodist’s website mimicking the tactics of a Mark Steyn’s recent book attacking climatologist Michael Mann by featuring quotes from famous scientists who have unfavorable things to say about Curry. Experts who have analyzed the documents agree that Curry likely left the single comment in there so that she could rebut it with her own comment. Curry also left up a comment from “scotts4sf” accusing the parodist of “polluting the discussion.”
Curry completely obliterated one comment which challenged her to retract her support for a blog post by Mark Steyn containing a homophobic reference that insinuated that Greg Laden was Michael Mann’s gay, submissive lover.
Outrage over this new scandal has been reverberating on both sides of the climate debate. … link

Judith Curry: My Kind of Woman

Some know me as the Donald Trump of the climate denier world. That’s because I say a lot of stupid shitand insult people to get attention. Every once in while it works and actual climate scientists like Judith Curry write about me. I also like using salty language too because, hey, why the fuck not? If you’re offended, you’re just some politically correct pansy.
What is with all this PC bullshit anyway? As conservative pundit Mark Steyn reminds us, there once was a time when men were men and you could poke fun at gays and insult just about anybody without getting any guff. And that’s the problem with the climate debate, it’s become limp-wristed. And just like Judith Curry says:
“We need to open up the public debate about climate change, and get rid of the tyranny of political ‘correctness’ in the climate debate that is being enforced by a handful of self-appointed and readily-offended fools.
You tell ’em Judy! If I want to destroy the reputation of a scientist by attacking his professional integrity, I should have free reign. The only rights that should matter are mine. And if I want to call Judith Curry “Aunt Judy,” I know she can take it ‘cuz she’s my kind of woman. link

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Thanks for the plug! Don't forget to check out what top scientist's are saying about Judith Curry (hint: it's not gushing praise): Judith Curry: Creating a False Narrative of the Climate Debate