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(Sd4) Jim Steele Responds to Citizenschallenge - LandscapesandCycles fraud

Preferring to ignore the email I sent him, which read:

Dear Jim Steele,

Some know-nothing from Kettering, Ohio wrote a Letter to the Four Corners Free Press complaining about my "one-sided" description of climate science, and the guy waved you around as some alternative expert to counter Dr. Kevin Trenberth's words.  You can imagine that got my goat, so you're back in play buddy .  

I once again invite you to a written debate - a honest constructive debate where lying about objective facts is prohibited.  You know where to find me.

Oh and if you instead choose to take your complaints to the shelter of Anthony Watts, or poptech, or such, please at least show me the courtesy of sending me a link.  I'd love to hear what you have to say this time around.

Thank you,

Peter Miesler
aka citizenschallenge
(PS. Gail is editor of the Four Corners Free Press
Included your pal Paul for the hell of it.)
{plus a few bcc’s to select scientists.}

JULY 22, 2018
Revisiting Jim Steele's LandscapesAndCycles Fraud - first an index of past research - Steele debate #1

JULY 28, 2018
Need a Real Dialogue About Climate - FCFP, January 2018 - Steele debate #2

JULY 29, 2018
Mr.GOP don't buy Jim Steele's Fraud - Steele debate #3

With two more in the pipeline, though the last one will deal with real science and not your nonsense.
Jim Steele responded to my email by posting a comment at CSC. It talked right past me, so it won't get out of moderation, not that I mind sharing its steaming content, kooky spellings and all.  I've already told him my blog wasn't going to be billboard for him.  Comments at my blogs need to be serious comments or challenges to me, not self-promotional garbage.

Jim Steele's offered comment:  "Meisler tells so many lies and creates so many distortions, I have indeed refused to discuss anything with him again. I once corrected he lies on his website and he deleted my posts. Meisler is also part of Slandering Sou's troll factory. I made one post regards Meisler's disinformation and one regards Slandering Sou's, that demonstrates their dishonest tactics. Nether is worth wasting any more time on despite their numerous sniping attacks.
So I link to those rebuttal Clarifying Peter Miesler’s (aka CitizenChallenged) Dishonest Internet Sniping: Emperor Penguins http://landscapesandcyclesnet/clarifying-citizenchallenged-emperor-penguin-lieshtml Dr. Singer (Husband and co-author of Camille Parmesan) exposes Slandering Sou's smear campaign. Read Hotwhopper's Miriam O'Brien – Hoist by Her Own Petard! https:/"/wattsupwiththatcom/2014/11/20/hotwhoppers-miriam-obrien-hoisted-by-her-own-petard/ on Revisiting Jim Steele's LandscapesAndCycles Fraud - first an index of past research - Steele debate #1

It’s funny but don't Steele sound like Trump?  Okay it’s not funny, but it is true.  In any event, I responded with this:

Dear Jim,

Glad to see you got my email, though an email from you would have been nice.  Why I didn't notice your comment at my ConfrontingScienceContrarians until this morning {it was 2 days old} I'm not sure, busy days and too much multitasking i guess, sorry

It's true we feel genuine enmity towards one another, still in my world that doesn't mean we can't have a civil mutually constructive debate.  I have accused you of being a fraud, so your anger is understandable.  But let me point out that I have produced nearly 50 posts clearly defining my claims and charges along with objective independent evidence to support them.  Dismissing them with a hostile wave won't do.

Jim, your comment at was simply an angry lashing out, I would hope you can do better than that.  In any event, I will use it as a learning moment by reproducing it, un-retouched, in order to fill in all the blanks, you know... The Rest of The Story. 

Oh I did acknowledge your comment at that CSC thread,

Preferring to ignore the email I sent him, Jim Steele commented over here.

But Jim seems to believe he can talk past me as though I’m not even in the room, so I’m not going to accept his revealing comment, instead I intend to build a stand alone post around his words and the rest of the story. As my free time permits. 

Jim, next time say it to me.

{For what its worth, I'll email this comment to Jim since I’m into full disclosure and constructive learning opportunities.}


Peter Miesler
aka citizenschallenge
{copied to various individuals}
Summarizing Jim Steele's LandscapesandCycle's shtick.

Steele's message: 
A)  Local landscapes and
B)  Internal cycles are more powerful drivers of climate change than the atmosphere that envelopes our planet.
C)  Atmospheric CO2 science is a hoax to be disregarded

Science by deceptive rhetoric:
    Obsessive focus on flaws in extremely challenging wildlife population studies.
    Misrepresenting the scope of those flaws.
   Misrepresenting the scientific learning process.
   Disingenuous agenda driven lawyerly/political debate tactics.
   Refusal to engage in an honest constructive fact driven debate. 

Those tactics are employed by Steele to justify:
     Ignoring the physics of atmospheric greenhouse gases.
     Ignoring that our climate system is a global heat and moisture distribution engine that dictates the state of Earth’s weather patterns and its biosphere.
     Ignoring that industrialized society has increased our planet's atmosphere's insulation medium (greenhouse gases) by over a third.
     Ignoring the fundamental reality that warming causes all sorts of physical as well as biological processes to speed up.
     Ignoring the fact that our global biosphere, with all its variety, has evolved within a specific climate regime, which has now been supercharged into something Earth hasn’t experienced in tens of millions, if not hundreds of millions, of years.
     Ignoring the overwhelming observational evidence of destructive global warming impacts.
     Ignoring that in Earth’s geologic past extreme climate change has always driven extreme biosphere changes - read destruction of the previous regime.

    Political theater and mockery to dismiss well established science.
    Science by slander and personal attacks to disparage dedicated scientists.
    Misdirection and rhetorical sleight of hand.
    Withholding key information and ‘the rest of the story.’
    “Serengeti Strategy” of “singling out a sole scientist, …  to exert enormous pressure from multiple directions at once, making defense difficult,”   see here and here.


As Steele’s words make clear, he’s a bully and as my words make clear I don’t mind getting right back in his face.  But, I do strive to keep it civil, constructive, informative since helping teach fellow Children of the Intellectual Enlightenment about the tactics behind the GOP’s malicious PR campaigns of deception is my goal.  Here’s a little more about the dark side of the internet debate with Republican climate science “skeptics.”

April 5, 2015
Is misinformation about climate science criminally negligent? 
by Lawrence Torcello

January 25, 2015
Dear Mr. Steele, regarding your 1/7/15 WUWT post - an open letter...

February 7, 2015
Jim Steele watt's up with your venomous self-indignation?

Dear Jim Steele,

With time to reflect, I'm confused by your display of moral outrage in that January 7th WUWT broadside? Come on, lighten up, you should recognized the Shakespearian overtones and appreciate we were made for each other.  

Besides, it was you who jumped into my lil climate change sparing camp over at SkepticForum back last spring. (2014) You were the big shot daring anyone to dispute your nonsense.  Did you really think I was going to allow your Republican/libertarian "hey no worries, it's all a hoax" challenge to go unanswered?  

Then in your IEEE 'climate science horror' series and LandscapesAndCycle you're the one that told folks to check original sources.  

Well, I have and I've received responses including many full texts of published studies from:
Dr. Ainley,
Dr. Breckner,
Dr. Fretwell,
Dr. Guillaume,
Dr. Jenouvrier,
Dr. Kaiser,
Dr. Kato,
Dr. La Rue,
Dr. Tate,
with a couple still in the pipeline.

Be happy!  Here we are, "Citizenschallenge" vs. "LandscapesAndCycles"

You, the defending champ of "NoWorries - it's a hoax" 
Me, the advocate for "Learning about our Global Heat and Moisture Distribution Engine"  


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citizenschallenge said...

The Four Corners Free Press is in the newsstands and my column reads well. Happiness is having an editor that gets me. A light touch that always enhances what I'm striving towards. I'd love to post it right now, but I think I need this one on top for at least a couple days. Also I'm working on a review of Jim's 'landscapesandcyclesnet/clarifying-citizenchallenged-emperor-penguin-lies' that should be quite interesting and I may want to post it before the FCFP column. Unfortunately my studying writing time is subject to nonstop interruptions, still this is important. Rationalists need to stop acquiescing to such Republican crazy-making and stupification.