Monday, June 17, 2019

Dr. Holmes aka 1000Frolly sends me an email (updated June 17, 9pm)

I received an email from Dr. Robert Ian Holmes this morning:

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Dr. Robert Holmes,

Let’s be clear, you are the malicious YouTube slandering liar Frolly1000.  Your letter arrived unsolicited and I’m not bound to any confidentiality with you, in fact you can be sure my dialogue with you will be carried out in public.  

I’m curious, was your letter written on University time?  How would the Federation University of Australia feel about you using their logo as a shield to impress and intimidate?

Not that I think anyone out there gives a flying fart, but I’ll be damned if you are going to bully me into pretending you are some nice guy when you, 1000Frolly, are a walking crime against humanity!

As for Bob Trenwith, I don’t know him, I’ve received a some irritatingly riddle filled comments from him.  I imagine you are painting him in the worst light possible, but I will admit he’s done little to impress me.  That's why I walked away from this a few years ago, why you’re dredging it up now I don’t know.  

None of that forgives what’s going on at your YouTube 1000Frolly channel!

How someone like you can have worked towards and achieved something as cool as the Talbot Observatory - then to descend into that hell hole of calculated deception and out and lies that is your 1000Frolly YouTube channel I can’t imagine.  Perhaps a serious car accident with lasting personality disordering brain injury, or maybe you just hate taxes and fundamentally are a right wing nut, maybe you were sick of being broke and figured out that lying to the public about climate science is where the money is at.  Who knows.  I don’t pretend to.

You talk about climate cult, when it’s you who’s part of an incestuous climate science denying cult.  

The scientific community is no cult, it is too big and varied and competitive to turn into a cult.  

Someone like you will say anything regardless of accuracy, as your silly letter, and your horrendous climate science attacking videos, demonstrate.

You write: “You should steer clear of Trenwith he is an unbalanced lunatic, who I have had to get a restraining order against.”   

Why didn’t you answer my request for name of court, case number, date?  See, I’m thinking this is simply another bit of your self-perpetrated delusion in action.  I could be wrong.  Which is it?

You write: “Ok we disagree on climate change – so what?”

So what ! ?

You believing that disagreeing with climate science means that you have license to lie about that science, which you do relentlessly and remorselessly, is a big deal, not a so what!

You write: “Isn’t it the nature of science to question a hypothesis – or isn’t it? Guess you may not know, not being trained in science yourself.”

Besides being slimy and disingenuous you totally miss the point.  (On purpose I imagine.)

Holmes you have forgotten that at its roots science is a set of rules, a process for observing and digesting information and learning as objectively and honestly as humanly possible.

And yes it requires skepticism and rational doubts and vigorous debate.  But there is a huge difference between contrarianism and healthy skepticism.  

Your work doesn’t contain any honesty.  Your kind of debate is a political stage show, where winning the argument is everything, fidelity to the truth means nothing - rhetorical fancy dancing and emotionalizing wins the day - rather than a sober appraising all of the information at hand.

In serious science, the debate requires that all participants honestly represent their opponents information and position, something your videos have been totally devoid of.  You aren’t doing science education you are doing political propaganda and I find it disgusting and wish I could do something about your sort of wanton vandalizing.

Unfortunately I’ve found the serious scientific community incapable of confronting people who so totally lack scruples that anything goes in their drive to win.  It’s too overwhelming, they must turn away and focus on their work.  

Everyone else seems too wound up and trapped within our modern society to dare do more than distractedly ponder what we are doing to our one and only home planet.  When doing something requires accepting that endless growth and Hollywood luxury for all is impossible.

So, that’s what’s on my mind, now why are you bothering me?  

The ball is in your court.


I actually don't understand why Holmes is bothering me, I'm wondering if his paranoia didn't get the better of him.  In any event, since I seem to have his attention guess I'll take this ride where it leads.  (When I get the time.)

Dr. Holmes' response to my above email, followed by my response right back at him.

June 17, 2019
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This is the odd threat from Dr. Robert Ian Holmes that started this lil adventure.

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