Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Diary, "INDIVISIBLE" webinar & networking. All hands on deck, they say. What do I have to offer?

A few days ago I attended a “Indivisible Colorado Action Network & Rural Colorado United” webinar about effectively organizing and messaging in rural communities!  It was a call to civic duty and a networking opportunity because networking is key to success.

In that spirit of reaching out, I want share what I have to offer to other activists.  

Since before I entered high school in 1969 I’ve had a passion for learning about myself, and this Earth and her history, and the Evolution of this fantastical planet that created life, and our biosphere, along with us humans.

Besides Evolution, I've also been proactively watching climate science’s growing and excellent understanding of our global heat and moisture distribution engine develop since those high school days.  

While simultaneously watching corporate puppets get evermore ruthless in their rejection of honesty, civic responsibility and sober learning.  Instead, corporate minions have only stepped up their malicious brainwashing campaigns founded on attacking messengers, relying on ridicule to misdirect, while misrepresenting the actual facts, as a host of existential problems are left to fester and metastasize.

For over ten years I’ve been virtually debating with a who’s who of climate science contrarians.  It has given me insights into their strategies and tactics of deception and their “lawyerly debates” where truth don’t mean a damned thing, only winning matters to them.  (Virtually because they rarely show up, and then only to run and hide in a hurry.  Why, run and hide?  Well, it sure seems like they aren’t interested in real debates that demand objective honesty and a desire to constructively learn.) 

If you are needing some serious research regarding aspects of Climate Science, or Earth’s Evolution, I can help.  I understand the underlying story (scientific) well enough to coherently describe the folds within folds of the cumulative harmonic complexity of Earth’s complex systems’ within a coherent framework.  

Best of all, I appreciate I’m no expert, I’ve been an enthusiast, self-taught, a spectator, and I believe honesty is a foundational law of science and learning, one we should be talking up.   

What I do have, what I know, is how to find the papers, and internet resources, and the experts, that you can then seriously learn from.  For your own edification and to share with others.  

This is why I’m offering my services as a researcher.  

Peter Miesler

near Durango, Colorado






I am not affiliated with Indivisible and this posting is my individual effort to share.  I do have a great deal of respect for them and under different circumstances would be active within the organization, but alas, those days are behind me.  So instead, I'm offering my support and participation from a distance, by way of my understanding and research experience.  Doing the best I can with what I have.

As for the Indivisible Organization itself?  In their own words:


We wanted to make sure you saw our message -- we haven’t heard from you in a while, and we’d love to get you up to speed on our priorities for this year.

The trifecta power Democrats hold in the federal government won’t last forever: we can measure the time we have to win our biggest fights in months, not years. That means we’re constantly growing, strengthening, and honing our movement to be as large, diverse, and effective as possible. …

From our big democracy reform campaign to our progressive priorities like economic justice, climate, health care, and immigration, we need everyone on board to make the biggest impact we can. 

And we’ve got tons of ways to plug in -- making phone calls, attending virtual or in-person events, using social media, and more.

Here are our core advocacy priorities for this year:

    • Democracy reform: this includes expanding voting rights and election security measures, extending full representation to D.C.’s 700,000+ residents, eliminating the filibuster, and so much more.
    • Economic justice: our goal is to create an economy that supports everyone, corrects racial injustices, and prioritizes workers over shareholders.
    • Climate justice: we value stopping the impacts of climate change as much as building up and investing in vibrant and healthy communities.
    • Health care: we believe health care is a right that should be universal, equitable, affordable, and culturally competent.
    • Immigrant justice: our immigration system has long been broken and only got worse under Trump. We’re applying pressure on our elected officials to enact immigration reform that prioritizes inclusion, anti-racism, family unity, and humanitarian protection. 

We understand that everyday life gets busy and we don’t expect everyone to be at the front lines of every struggle, but there are always new ways to be plugged into our work. Our movement is only as strong as the commitment of Indivisibles who power it -- we need people like you to keep pushing us forward.

Our mission is to safeguard our democracy and quality of life now and for future generations. As a grassroots non-violent resistance movement we will work to protect existing and promote new legislation and policies that facilitate our mission and reflect the progressive values of: inclusiveness, respect, fairness, honesty, integrity, peace and hope.

Our mailing address is:

Indivisible Durango "Progressives in Action" Committees

107 W. 19th St. #3

Durango, CO 81301

Indivisible is active across the country, take a look, and consider lending your support and proactive participation.  The politicians won't help us, unless we lean on them, and in numbers too big to ignore.


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