Thursday, July 4, 2024

In Defense of Women. postcard advocacy campaign v.3

 I haven't written much on our climate situation because basically it's become too damned depressing.  Still I haven't totally disengaged,  the future unfolds slowly, so we must still be concerned with making this world a better place.  Even if the long term outlook doesn't bear speaking about, we are here living out our day to days now - so issues such a woman's right to self defense and sovereignty over her own body - still matter and are worth struggling for.  My effort started with the previous post, and has progressed through version.2 and a version.3.

In defense of women.  

A postcard advocacy campaign.

I have a dream that someday our society can learn to recognize and acknowledge the woman, above all others, possesses the situational awareness, and the moral, ethical, and legal standing to decide the future of the growing life within herself.

I myself can never figure out how/why people can be so cold and ruthless as to deny a woman those fundamental dignities, though I’ve spend decades trying.  As a man with a wife and children and grandchildren, including caretaking infants and toddlers, whom I get along with quite well I might add, it matters to me that there’s been so much manufactured misunderstanding.

That’s why I've taken the challenge to refine my personal argument “In Defense of Women”.

It took a while, you know how it goes, rewrite, rewrite, rewrite, now after 250@v.1 (Nov 6, $109) and 1000@v.2 (Jan 24, $155).   I do believe v.3 finally says all I want to share, as concise and well as I can.  Last month I ordered up 2,000 postcards (at $220).  Postage Stamps $0.53@

In Defense of Women, v.3


Now I’m hoping, I’m asking, I’ll even plead, for some help with purchasing postage stamps so I can broadcast these thoughts, by sending out these postcards in defense of a woman's right to self defense and sovereignty over her own body.  

I’m starting to address the postcards, first to various woman’s organizations, followed by Democratic Party county offices in key states, various reporters and news agencies, among others, (Help with some stamps and I’ll send them to any addresses you ask me to.).  After the election I want to send one to all 119th Congressional US Senators and Representatives.  With a little luck, add a little ammo to the coming debates.

I may be a man of big dreams, but modest means.  Without help for some folks who support these ideas I’m striving to share, the postcards will only be trickling out.  Please help me turn up the volume.

If we aren’t changing minds, we are losing.

Text of front side of, In Defense of Women postcard

Text of address side of, In Defense of Women postcard

Thank you, Peter Miesler

Email: Citizenschallenge at gmail

Please help at GoFundMe

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