Friday, April 5, 2013

Why Real Climate Scientists won't debate Internet Climate Science Skeptics

Yesterday we had a big time conservationist come to town to give a talk at our local college and since I knew there would be a bunch of "greenies" there, I decided to put together another issue of my sporadic ad hoc flier "The Memes Courier"  

I can't repeat the pretty formatting here, but I can share the text of side one.  Side two was a list of my favorite human forced global warming informational videos and video lectures... coming to citizenschallenge soon, and here, and here and here.

Anthony Watts, of WUWT perhaps the favorite website among folks who refuse to take the collective considered opinion of the world's climate experts seriously has expanded his "debate" tactics to including taunting and bullying full-time working climate scientists.  
As usual Anthony misrepresents and tries to spin Dr. Michael Mann's refusal to play.  When that didn't raise enough hackles, Anthony dragged a Christian climate scientist into his pit.  Why ? Because she didn't jump to Anthony's defense... oh my.  In fact, she doesn't want to debate either. 
This brings me back to the question of why real scientists won't debate "Climate Science Skeptics" 
A constructive debate demands a level playing field, a landscape of trust and respect.  Along with mutually agreeable guidelines of behavior and evidence.   
Scientific consensus skeptics such as Mr. Watts, Dr. Spencer, FOX "news" network, have shown repeatedly that fidelity to the truth and mutual respect along with some introspection and self-skepticism are totally absent from their own world views.  Furthermore, they love drama and demonizing. 
Scientists aren't into any of that stuff - ignore real facts, avoid questions, attack with misdirection...  
Your Done! - Times Up!!!  
BS and salesmanship and deceptive wordsmithing is NOT their style.   
They don't have the time - life is too short!  If you don't have any integrity and base honestly they don't have any time or interest. 
That, and more, is plenty enough reason for serious scientists to stay away from Watts/Spencer/LordMonckton style mud fighting... er "debates"  wink, wink. 

News Flash: Anthony Watts claims all Christians believe Bible 100% infallible!
Forbes: "Meltdown Of Global Warmists Reveals Their True Priorities" . . . a closer look: (at James Taylor's nonsense) 
Goal Oriented Skepticism Equals Denial !
column two

Vaclav Klaus Blue Planet in Green Shackles 
“Today’s debate about global warming is essentially a debate about freedom. The environmentalists would like to mastermind each and every possible (and impossible) aspect of our lives.”
                 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
This is what young people, who care about the future of our planet, are facing.  A group of ruthless people for whom their own economic dreams and interests are all that matters. 
Folks that enter a debate not to constructively engage in order to teach and learn... but folks who's sole intent is to do political battle for their sacred principles of Profits-Über-Alles.   
They will tell you all about the wonders our long march of progress has achieved, so many wonders in fact, that we take most for granted these days.  { You don't know what you got, til it's gone  :-(  } 
These self-styled "skeptics" consistently willfully ignore the price of all that progress - and the extreme damage we have inflicted upon our planet. 
These "skeptics" will scoff and insult environmentalists and "greenies" in their hubristic ignorance - laughing at "the environment" - Seeming to never realize, let alone appreciate, that society and people are absolutely and totally dependent on a healthy biosphere.  And that we need to stop destroying it at breakneck speed. 
There is plenty of room for debate on how to deal with the changes barreling down on us and our children - but it is no longer acceptable to ignore the down to Earth facts of what we are doing to our atmosphere and the biosphere it protects and nurtures.

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