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Scientific Principia International, O'Sullivan, Ball, Abdussamatov, Postma and more

I'm simply an individual so it's tough to keep up with all the latest happenings.  Thus, I admit I don't know why, but for some reason my posts regarding the so-called "Principia Scientific International" have been receiving quite a spike in views recently, so I figure perhaps it's time for a few updates:
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here's some more updates:

Spotlight On PSI and PSI Acumen Ltd. (2012)

SpotlightON - PSI Acumen Ltd. (2013)

Curriculum Vitae for John O'Sullivan (2010)

courtesy of Pete Ridley 

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Saturday, 16 June 2012Spotlight On PSI and PSI Acumen Ltd.1.0 INTRODUCTION 
"..., this article aims to provide as much transparency as possible about Principia Scientific International (PSI)’s origins as well as the motives, methods and ambitions of its members, particularly those whose vision PSI was. Anyone having little or no knowledge of PSI should find it worthwhile initially referring to the promotional material published on various pages on the PSI Web-site (http://principia-scientific.org/). It presents a picture of what PSI purports to be and relevant quotes will be made in this article as necessary when considering whether or not PSI lives up to those praiseworthy claims. 
"Comments in this article are based upon the facts collected since 2010, concentrating initially on those individuals who played a major role in founding the organisation. " .. British legal analyst and science writer, John O’Sullivan pursued a vision to form a large body of experts united in opposing the worst excesses of government-funded science. .. From the outset PSI was driven by retired Dutch Analytical Chemist, Hans Schreuder, Texan engineer and science writer, Joseph A. Olson and Canada's most popular climatologist, Dr. Tim Ball .. Tom Richard .. the driving force behind Neveu Design .. has made the PSI website .. adaptive to the growing demands of an ambitious and globally-expanding science publishing and communications hub...".  
"After that the spotlight will be turned on to each of the other individuals involved." ...
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The Australian Brings You the 
Climate Science Denial News From Five Years Ago

“EXPERTS warn of a coming ice age” declared the headline in a story which appeared in last week’s The Australian newspaper. 

In reality, the headline should have read something like this “One solar physicist in Russia who is a member of a climate science denial organisation says we’re heading for global cooling but all the other people we spoke to say he’s dead wrong”.

Not as catchy though, eh? 

The story “Emissions debate heats up while experts warn of a coming ice age” was written by the newspaper’s environment editor Graham Lloyd and there are some very curious aspects to it. . .

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UFOs, Sea Level Rise And The Magnetism Of Climate Science Denial
GRAHAM READFEARN  |  Sun, 2013-04-28  |   desmogblog.com
"... As well as co-authoring with a man who thinks magnetism is to blame for climate change, Dr Parker has also been getting help from someone who dismisses the long-established fact that carbon dioxide warms the atmosphere. In 2012, Watson and Boretti co-authored a paper in Energy & Environment - a UK journal known for publishing contrarian papers on climate change. In that paper - The Inconvenient Truth - Ocean level Not Rising in Rising In Australia - the authors thank John O'Sullivan, who says human-caused climate change is a "fraud".  

O'Sullivan has himself been helping another climate science denier Dr Tim Ball in a defamation case brought by Professor Michael Mann. He is also the chief executive of an organisation called Principia Scientific International, of which Alberto Boretti is listed as a member, as is Oliver Manuel and a host of other contrarian scientists. Principia sits among a hardcore of climate science denial, in that it promotes discredited views that carbon dioxide cannot warm the planet. ..."

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John O'Sullivan: Look Ma, no brain!

This is a guest post by Captain Pithart 
"John O'Sullivan is the driving force behind the physics denying group "Slaying the Sky Dragon" (aka Principia Scientific International, chairman: Tim Ball), a group so deeply rooted in denialist Fantasia that even Christopher Monckton denounced their first book as unscientific nonsense. 
O'Sullivan may not be the brightest bulb in the climate denialist sideshow, but he sure is well-connected and industrious. According to his LinkedIn entry, in 2010 he "established himself as the world's most popular Internet writer on the greenhouse gas theory of climate change (Google)" ..."
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Bogus Law and Journalism Credentials of Sky Dragon Slayer Author John O'Sullivan
The following links to documents highlight some of the more serious falsehoods and shams O'Sullivan has in his plan to promote his new career as science writer and legal analyst. In October, John O'Sullivan joined the New York County Lawyer's Association (NYCLA) as a Provisional Member by fraudulently sending in false information. Although he claims in his online resumes and bios that he's been practicing law for over a decade and earned a law degree from the University of Surrey in 1982, he claimed he earned his law degree in January 2010 from "University of Surrey - Hill University."  
O'Sullivan's Fraudulent New York County Lawyers' Association Membership Page 
Hill University is a bogus, online diploma mill that sells anyone any degree in any subject they want with a "Promised Free Delivery in Just 15 Days!"  
Hill University web site 
Oregon State Office of Degree Authorization's list of diploma mills. 
According to NYCLA's By-Laws, Provisional Members are open to people who graduated with three years from American Bar Association-recognized law schools who have not yet passed the bar. In addition, joining as a Provisional Member, O'Sullivan didn't have to pay a membership fee. 
NYCLA membership rules 
In addition to citing a bogus diploma mill as the source of his law degree, O'Sullivan provided a false address and fax number for his company Principia Scientific International. The address belongs to a construction company in Delhi, NY and the fax number is the phone number of a woman who never heard of Principia Scientific International...  
{and so on . . .} 
Index of /global_deniers
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Since the heart of PSI is denying the impact of CO2 and other greenhouse gases this educational review of Joseph Postma's work and theory is worth getting to understand:

Joseph E. Postma and the Greenhouse Effect

Some recent attention has recently been going around the web concerning a new “paper” done by Joseph E. Postma (PDF here) which claims to “…physically negate the requirement for a postulation of a radiative atmospheric greenhouse effect.”  It has been echoed particularly by some of the more crackpot web sources like climaterealists.com, and of course is spreading around various "skeptic" blogs. 
The claims are of course extraordinary, along the lines of Gerlich and Tseuchner’s alleged falsification of the atmospheric greenhouse effectAs is often the case with these types of “skeptics,” the more extravagant the claim, the more obscure the publishing venue; in this case the host is Principia Scientific International, which according to the website “…was conceived after 22 international climate experts and authors joined forces to write the climate science bestseller, ‘Slaying the Sky Dragon: Death of the Greenhouse Gas Theory.’” Most rational people would stop here, but this is the Americanized age where we need to glorify everyone’s opinion and must provide rebuttals for everything, so here it goes: 
I ask that the reader have the paper open in a new window so they can follow along with this article. . .

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As for those posts I mentioned at the start of this:

 This is an extension of a discussion of sorts over at SkepticSocietyForum 
... the article by one John O'sullivan is so outrageously deceptive and plain wrong... add to that, 
being a perfect example of what I mean by denialist "crazy-making," 
that I need to at least take a stab at examining and exposing 
the long list of errors in this piece of propaganda over learning
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This recent spate of libelous slander against the dedicated scientist Dr. Michael Mann and the results of his work has taken a disgusting bizarre twist as the Denier Echo-chamber reaches new lows {as mentioned in my previous post}.

Well, it appears another example of projection on the part of deniers desperate to distract attention from the reality of what we are doing to our one and only planet.

Now thanks to the efforts of Andrew Skolnick we can get an insight into what may have spawned this latest attack strategy. . .
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Brendan Demelle and Richard Littlemore  at DesmogBlog.com have revealed more information regarding the serial liar John O'Sullivan.  The following is a repost of their interesting 


Pete Ridley said...

John O'Sullivan, "CEO and Legal Consultant" of his own blog Principia Scientific International, makes many many misleading claims.

As an example, he claims on several of his profiles to be " .. a member of the New York County Lawyers Association (NYCLA) .. ". His membership application was accepted in October 2011 when he provided the NYCLA with misleading information. This was drawn to the attention of the NYCLA by retired investigative journalist Andrew Skolnick.

Today Toni Valenti (the NYCLA Director of Marketing and Membership Development) told me that John O'Sullivan is NOT a member - and she should know!!

John O'Sullivan also formed a company PSI Acumen Ltd in March 2013 and made misleading claims about it. In January 2014 he sold his home under threat of repossession by his mortgage company and Companies House has now issued a notice that the company will be struck off in three months time unless he can show cause why it should not be.

Watch that space.

More on John O'Sullivan and his specious claims can be found on the Global Political Shenanigans blog:
- http://globalpoliticalshenanigans.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/spotlighton-principia-scientific.html
- http://globalpoliticalshenanigans.blogspot.co.uk/2013/07/spotlighton-psi-acumen-ltd.html
- http://globalpoliticalshenanigans.blogspot.co.uk/2012/12/curriculum-vitae-for-john-osullivan-2010.html


Best regards, Pete Ridley.

Pete Ridley said...

Another pearl of wisdom from "astrophysicist" Joe Postma

QUOTE: .. I didn't know Weston was a medical doctor. Look I realize I pretend to have a lot of opinions on things, so here is another one. I know medical doctor students from university, the people they marry and the friends they like to associate with. My experience has been that these are stupidest of all the sheople academics I have met. They're the worst of everything that is wrong with academia. They accept ANYTHING from ANYTHING which appears to be authority, and will reject anything else even if it could save their life...these people are like automatons...they're the hipster idiots who flip open their iPhone to Wikipedia and literally parrot what they read when you ask them a question that doesn't fit in to their world view. This represents the pinnacle of "rational thought" for them .. UNQUOTE.

See Appendix A, Note 30 of "SpotlightON - PSI and PSI Acuen Ltd (http://globalpoliticalshenanigans.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/spotlighton-principia-scientific.html).