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The problem with Mr. McIntyre and his enablers

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Citizenschallenge,"We know we are driving our climate to conditions no human, let alone a complex society has ever confronted…"
What do you think polar sea ice conditions looked like during the Holocene optimum? 

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I’d settle with reliable numbers on arctic sea ice for the 1950s.
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Paul, what does that sort of question do to help understand the situation we are facing? Sounded like a mesmerist’s misdirection to me.
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We have increased our planet’s atmospheric insulating ability by over a third – the global heat distribution engine IS continuing to hold in extra heat and energy. Right ?

Please consider your(-collective) bias, that undercurrent of defending your economic/political status quo – and feeling OK about molding your science to fit your vision. Where’s the objectivity? How about a little self skepticism for a change?

What does McIntyre’s hostile, conspiracy ideation rich, belly-button gazing do to help us understand the pragmatic implications of what we are doing to our atmosphere, along with its cascading consequences?

Youz folks come up with endless variations of one worm hole after another, all intent on keeping everyone diverted by micro-focusing on tiny fractions and inconsequential details –

To me it looks like pure crazy-making – intent on enabling the Republican audience to continue their willfully ignoring the global transition being witnessed… you know, as reflected in those extreme weather events that are wreaking ever greater havoc with our infrastructure. Plus that melting cryosphere, weirding jet-stream etc., etc.

But, youz folks keep dancing like its 1980.   :- (

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Steve McIntyre writes: "done. Blog policy asks that readers not to try to prove or disprove AGW as O/T arguments in unrelated threads. I generally allow this sort of rant to be posted, but appreciate it when readers take the same attitude as you.”

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CC replies:  Right keep looking at inconsequential details in obsessive micro-focus – while pretending to do science with feigned superiority.
When actual science is about culling the good information and constructively learning from that information and moving forward.

You on the other hand are dedicated avoiding the real issues and what we know for certain and learning from that – but than inaction is your objective.
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If you think that like Steve McIntyre I’m just trying distract you, you have the data source on the graph go and plot it yourself.

This is not about haggling over fine tuning, it is about models that have got it totally wrong.”

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CC replies:  What a wonderful example of “science in a vacuum”
“Extent” like you don’t know the difference between extent and “volume”
What about this graph:
And that’s not even touching what’s happen on Greenland!
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Explain to me again why you folks feel so superior???
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Citizenschallenge: Posted Jul 27, 2013 at 9:03 AM |
So when are you going to present your findings to actual experts for evaluation?
At least I recognize my limitations and respect education and professionalism and the accomplishments of others who have worked at studying the topic.
But around here it sounds like folks think that some education make ‘em all smarter than the experts – whom you all seem to revile.
Even that total dismissal of the RealClimate.orgs responses to Mr. McIntyre/McKitrick’s convolutions – as though simply coming from that source gives youz the right to dismiss it. When it’s actually those guys who are the learned experts.
That’s not how learning science works.

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Here's another, and I suggest more realistic, way of looking at our planet's Climate Sensitivity to the ever increasing atmospheric greenhouse gases society is injecting.  
One that can be clearly seen.  One that should be scaring some sense into all of us.

Shocking Truth of Glacier Collapse (with Jeff Orlowski)

SamSeder  |  Nov 27, 2012  |  26:02

Director Jeff Orlowski explained what the "Extreme Ice Survey" is, 
the shocking collapse of the earth's glaciers, the centrality of climate change to our future, 
why climate change is the biggest issue that humanity faces, 
how is climate is measured scientifically and the success of his new movie Chasing Ice.

This clip is from the Majority Report.

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Extreme Ice

vidasan  |   Sep 30, 2011  |  47:31

As scientists try to forecast the future consequences of the big melt, 
internationally acclaimed photographer James Balog is 
risking everything to capture the phenomena on film.

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Here's a short introduction to one of the cascading consequences of our melting Arctic Ocean

Jennifer Francis - Understanding the Jetstream 

Feb 26, 2013  |  rustneversleeps3  |  5:31

A short review of how the jetstream and Rossby waves work, 
and some emerging indications that the dynamics may be changing in a warming world. 

This 5 minute excerpt from a longer presentation by Dr. Jennifer Francis, original available here: 

For further info, see this blogpost for a good primer, 

followed by a discussion of the Francis and Varvus paper from last year: 

Stuart Staniford "Slowing Rossby Waves Leading to Extreme Weather?

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