Saturday, July 13, 2013

What about the "Enablers" of the Denial Machine?

There is simply no keeping up with the manmade global warming disinformation campaign that steadfastly flies in the face of all objective appraisals of the evidence  - 

Why, in light of all this evidence, does the 'Republican power-politic global warming denial machinekeep churning out distortions, lies and plain old crazy making?

By Republican power-politic global warming denial machine I'm referring to the likes of the Marshall Institute, Heartland Institute, SPPI, Murdoch media machine, Morano, Watts, McIntyre, Koch bro'set al. peddlers of transparent science fiction.

What I find most disheartening is that at the heart of  this endless flow of calculatedly deceptive stories is the fact that this is exactly what the Republican general public and politicians expect to hear. 

These are the enablers and they countenance no objectivity or doubt.  The Republican and Tea Party public expect to be assured that the 1950s haven't ended... they reject introspection, and serious scientific investigation, while refusing to face real world challenges barreling down on us - rejecting tons worth of legitimate information with a passionate anger.

It's as though they couldn't care less about what scientists are actually learning - all they want is soothing bromides that justify their willful ignorance regarding the state of our one and only home planet.  In step the likes of Krauthammer, etc.

For all appearances this public has abandoned critical thinking skills and the pursuit of genuine learning - in favor of Holly-world storytelling where facts are selected and adjusted to the needs of the story teller's plot... in this case, that Reaganomics principles reign supreme over all other considerations and that we can disregard our Earth's processes.

Unfortunately, we live on a real planet, a miraculous planet, like no other.  Yes, climate has always changed... we also know our climate has been in a few thousands year old "goldilocks zone" enabling a complex society to thrive. 

Why then, can't Republicans realize that means this wonderful rare climatic era is most precious and needs to be protected?
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This bit of venting was prompted by Charles Krauthammer's recent ridiculous commentary (Obama's global-warming folly).  Fortunately, Dana Nuccitelli has written an excellent review which is available for reposting.  Thank you Dana and the rest of the SkepticalScience team.

Charles Krauthammer's flat-earther global warming folly (via Skeptical Science)
Posted on 10 July 2013 by dana1981 Fox News commentator Charles Krauthammer recently wrote an opinion piece that was published by many media outlets including The Washington Post, claiming that President Obama's Climate Action Plan is a "folly." In…

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