Saturday, August 24, 2013

Mr. Anthony Watts, how can you ignore evidence like this?

While Anthony Watts loves calling folks he dislikes trolls, I suggest that Mr. Watts has all the hallmarks of a "science troll"  

Consider, his career has been built on attacking pretty near every climate science study and report that comes out with the single minded intention of misrepresenting, denying and out-yelling the substance of such studies.  He champions the likes of Lord Monckton (some more) and Alex M√∂rner (some more).

Anthony, turns a deft ear to expert comments that correct his misrepresentations and rants on as though there wasn't anything out there other than his voice.

For example continuing to deny the dangers from rising sea levels, while ignoring clear evidence such as that presented by Professor Mitrovica:

In Search of Lost Time: 
Ancient Eclipses, Roman Fish Tanks and 
the Enigma of Global Sea Level Rise
Professor Jerry X. Mitrovica, Ph.D.
Uploaded on Aug 17, 2010   |  DistinctiveVoicesBS 
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Outright rejecting and ridiculing the recent updated American Geophysical Society statement that emphasizes the human role in climate change (based on the extreme outlier scientist, one Pielke Sr.  Rather than trying to understand the substance of the AGU statement.

But that's in line with his rejection of every other learned statement of concern.  About those knowledgeable declarations, please see:

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Pretending that climate models provide the only ("Models all the way down…"), or main, evidence scientists base their global warming knowledge on.  Something that any objective observer knows is dead wrong.  Here's a nice summation:

27 -- The evidence for climate change WITHOUT computer models or the IPCC

potholer54  |  May 9, 2013  |  16:00

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Expecting Earth Sciences to produce "proofs" and setting expectations of impossible "engineering" standards and worse misrepresentation of serious Earth Sciences.  The contrived conflict between evidence vs. proof.

See: Anthony Watts, about those AGW-critical "credible theories" and "best explanations"?

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Attacking and sniping at in disregard for their clean presentation of the science.

An objective viewing of's website makes clear that SkS sticks to explaining scientific findings and global warming related papers/studies as they become available.  As with all human enterprises, they aren't perfect but they are doing pretty dang good. 

Anthony claims SkS has a bias... but then ignores that a bias towards going with the evidence is a good thing to do in a pragmatic world, if you want to succeed.

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In closing I have collected links to many excellent video presentations and lectures that describe the state of climate science and all that scientists do know.  Unfortunately for those who refuse to look at this sort of serious information, they will always believe folks like Mr. Watts and their Siren Song of "No worries, Full Speed Ahead"

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INDEX for my Climate Science Video Collection

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Wotts Up With That Blog said...

Like you I'm amazed that any honest person can be ignoring the evidence that exists today. It's not absolutely settled, but it is incredibly strong. I don't really have a good sense of why this is happening. It does feel that one is simply that it goes against people's political views (government regulation) and I can't really believe that the fossil fuel industry is simply sitting back and not influencing the debate.

It is possible that some are genuinely honest but just don't understand the evidence sufficiently well and really do think that the mismatch between GCMs and observations in the last decade is significant. If so, they're still stupid for not listening to the scientists telling them that they're wrong.

Unknown said...

Willard A Watt's is projecting on an IMAX scale when he calls others trolls.In the facts based version of reality, Anthony Watts is King of the climate trolls.
If you want to be banned from Watt's anti-science blog, all you have to do is make a comment that mentions Lord Monckton's running away from the Peter Hadfield's debate.
Watt's even lies to his reader about the debate by claiming that Hadfield and Monckton came to an amicable agreement about cancelling the debate. Nothing could be further from the truth.

citizenschallenge said...

Good point Reginald, for more background on Peter Hadfield's various examinations into Monckton's outlandish claims see: WUWT champions and cheers Monckton's lies, fortunately Peter Hadfield gives an excellent response