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The Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine Petition on climate change

I've been carrying on a conversation over at a weird little YouTube video named "Denier land: How deniers view global warming."  The thing is a textbook example of what's called an "Argument from Incredulity."  Meaning that the person is flailing at information that he obviously doesn't understand, like a petulant school boy angry at a teacher who's just flunked him.

Rather than trying to learn something from that information he hides behind ridicule while ignoring all he doesn't understand.  I know many people behave like that, but it's definitely no way to learn anything.

In any event, I've been commenting over there and some folks keep challenging me with different, not new, twists on the climate science skeptics handbook of excuses for ignoring what a world wide community of tens of thousands of professionals and experts agree on.

For example, take the following claim:
""More than 2,000 scientists from 154 countries typically participate in the IPCC process" 
That is not only dishonest but unimpressive too. Over 30,000 scientists in the USA alone signed a petition disagreeing. Prominent scientists around the world with far more credibility than the anonymous 2000 so-called scientists agree with those 30,000. 
You could dispute these figures, as many are not in relevant fields and many do not have higher degree or research backgrounds. However if you did so you admit to your dishonesty, as most of the 2000+ you claim are not researchers, most are not experts in their fields and many do not have PhDs, unlike over 9000 of those in those 30,000."

That, along with other pitches for the "OISM Petition," has inspired me to compose this compilation of information regarding the Oregon Petition, finishing with a REPOST of a DeSmogBlog story examining Arthur Robinson and his one-man operation, the so-called "Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine"

To begin with, from

Some articles which discuss the Oregon Petition

UPDATE: Aug 2nd, 2012
There is a comprehensive breakdown of the signatories at 
Now add to that the equally comprehensive, but somewhat different analysis from
where Brian does a much more detailed look at how representative the signatories are of their various disciplines.

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We've all heard about the "Petitions" of "Scientists" who disagree with Climate Science. This sordid little episode in the history of climate denial points up once again the fundamental dishonesty of the climate denial industry.

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Flawed Oregon Petition Rises Again (via Desmogblog)
Climate "Science" by the Pound A climate change petition started in 1988 by the tobacco industry's favourite scientist (Federick Seitz), has just been re-released with a reported 31,072 signatures of "scientists" - some of whom are reported to actually…

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