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V_2009 asks, "CC - Are you denying…"

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I was working on my compilation of comments at the "Denier Land: How deniers view global warming" YouTube's site - but made the mistake of peeking at new comments, thus I got side-tracked by this series of questions that was too precious not to do something with.

My "antagonist's" words are in Courier font.

V_2009 asks, CC -
Are you denying that the Sun is our planet's main source of energy?
No.  Are you aware that our sun's radiant energy has actually been down?
Are you aware of this information? 

Sun & climate: moving in opposite directions

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Are you denying that our planet has been in a state of CO2 poverty for millions of years?
What in the world does that mean?
Please explain why you think we need a steam-room world?

Do you think glaciers and the Antarctic ice cap and the Arctic Ocean ice cap are "obscenities" upon the face of this planet and that they should go away?  

Are you OK with the impacts of over 200 feet, that is +65 meters, of sea level rise?

Do you not think such changes would radically alter and intensify weather patterns?  

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I myself think those frozen assets upon our planet are a good thing for our society.  Those ice masses and the cold zones they create are an integral part of our Global Heat Distribution Engine's current dynamics, the dynamics that make our modern society possible.

If you don't understand what I mean by "Our Global Heat Distribution Engine" this video might help you appreciate the concept:

NASA: Earth From Space (HD)

Are you denying that CO2 is essential to plant life?
Not at all.  Are you denying that in higher percentages can be deadly.  Look it up?
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Are you denying that plants are more productive at higher CO2 concentrations?
Some... but not all.  

Are you aware that some of the most destructive invasive plants such as Kudzu and other vines do particularly well in a CO2 rich atmosphere?

It's not as simple as CO2 concentrations, but since you brought it up, here's an interesting story:

Is Poison Ivy Getting Nastier? 
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Are you denying that warmer climates are more agriculturally productive?
Sure can dispute that one.  What evidence do you have to support that claim?

Warmer climates make agriculturally productive lands more vulnerable to greater extremes of heat, drought and deluge, to say nothing of age old cycles being up-ended - and making farming an ever greater crap shoot.

A Warming Earth Means Bad News for Farms 
By Sam Brasch on November 11, 2013
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Climate Impacts on Agriculture and Food Supply
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Phil Robertson is a senior crop and soils researcher at Michigan State University, and a contributing author of the forthcoming US Global Change Research Program report on climate change. (Peter Sinclair) interviewed Dr. Robertson in early July, 2012,  as the drought was deepening, and the realization was setting in that we were in a historically intense dry period. 
(Peter Sinclair) clipped the middle part where (they) discussed drought events that were current at that moment – what’s most interesting is his generic assessment of the science on “co2 fertilization” and what deniers like to call the “greening of planet earth”.
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Are you denying that almost all humans vacation in warm climates?
Are you serious?  
Are you denying there's a difference between enjoying a 95° afternoon on a Miami beach and going through a 95° heat wave in Minnesota, that doesn't end for days because of a blocked Jet Stream?
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Are you denying that Global Average Mean Temp. is a human construct?
And what does that have to do with humanity adding more insulating ability to our atmosphere, thus causing our global heat distribution engine to heat up?  

It doesn't matter how accurately we measure it, it is still warming and disrupting and "charging" global weather patterns.  {And when a tree falls in the forest it still makes a noise, even if you aren't there to hear it!}

Study Adds to Arctic Warming, Extreme Weather Debate
Are you denying that corruption is rampant in the "Green" economy?
Dude, who are you trying to kid ! ?  

The American way of business is based on obsessing over making the greatest profit at the least expenditure, damned the consequences .  Our economy is corrupted by greed from top to bottom so don't cry to me about the frauds within the "green economy" !!!

Besides, those frauds have nothing to do with the physical reality of a planet who's atmosphere is holding in more heat and carrying more moisture because it's insulating "greenhouse gas" concentration has been dramatically increased.

It's the physical basis of manmade global warming that you should be worrying about and that's got nothing to do with this or that corrupt business-person or politician.

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Are you believing our complex civilization is incapable of adapting to change, and that adaptation is a cornerstone of evolution?
Who knows, we may never get a chance to find out - I am pretty sure our complex civilization is incapable of adapting to changes it refuses to acknowledge !

This World Bank report describes some of the issues our global society will be facing because of global warming, and it's nothing to be casual about, and time keeps on slipping into the past and the 'runway that's behind us' does us no good.

Turn Down The Heat -Why a 4°C Warmer World Must be Avoided

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Go brush up on your clumsy rhetoric.
Yea, well I'm not a professional writer so live with it.

Besides, it's not about me or my clumsy rhetoric anyways !

It's about the information I'm trying to convey regarding the realities of Earth Sciences and our Grand Geophysical Experiment a curious sort would pay attention to the substance of these links I've offered and try to learn from them

Good luck.


George Montgomery said...

"Are you denying that Global Average Mean Temp. is a human construct?"
What isn't a human construct? I'm guessing that language itself is a human construct as is temperature, gravity, economics, religion, .... It's just that some constructs are more useful/valid than others e.g. AGW beats the heck out of anti-AGW

George Montgomery said...

"Are you believing our complex civilization is incapable of adapting to change, and that adaptation is a cornerstone of evolution?"
The person who wrote this more than likely doesn't believe in evolution but, even if they are a believer, doesn't know how evolution works in nature i.e. over millions of years not hundreds, and involves the survival of the fittest genes (assuming that these exist to deal with changes which wasn't the case with trilobites and resulted in their extinction). Furthermore, applying evolution to society is a non-sequitur other than using it as an analogy; in which case it is invariably a nonsense e.g. as per the explanation of 'survival of the fittest' to describe (and justify) multinationals squeezing out smaller business competitors from the marketplace i.e. 'ceteris paribus' does not apply as in nature.