Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Canada's Stephen Harper's War On Science

A couple weeks back I shared two news reports about the hideous things going on up in Canada these days.  You see, Stephen Harper's administration's has unleashed an attack on serious science in order to "re-focus" the Department of Fisheries and Oceans to get in line with his government's "core mandate" - such as subsidizing the fossil fuel-dominated energy sector to the tune of $26 billion in 2011.  He and his puppet-masters want to "transformation" the DFO  to a more "modern, streamlined, efficient department" that will stop interfering with their money making schemes.  After all, Harper and his pals see no need to protect the environment and natural resources, no matter that we're talking about our life support system.  Their vision can't get past their personal greed.

Today I'm posting to share another informative article {along with some other information sources}, this one by Peter Rugh - Scientists Speak Out Against Canada's "War on Science"  published January 26th at truth-out.org.

"Seven of Canada’s most prized scientific libraries are being shut down and some of their contents have already been burned, thrown away or carted off by fossil fuel consultancy firms. This development is part of a Harper administration plan to slash more than $160 million in the coming years from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, or DFO — an agency charged with protecting the country’s vast waterways. …"  
 "The once-secret DFO document speaks of “culling” materials in the libraries, a term that critics believe to be far more devastating than it sounds. Much like its original meaning — the killing of animals with undesired genetic traits — they see the budget cuts as a way to do away with undesirable science.  
“The Harper government is not simply influenced by the fossil fuel industry, it is the fossil fuel industry,” said Brad Hornick, a lead organizer with of the Vancouver Ecosocialist Group. 
The Harper administration has long been known for its anti-environment stance. Harper’s environment minister, for instance, has publicly cast doubt on research documenting Arctic sea ice melt. Observers have also complained of a revolving door between the government and industry that has effectively placed Canada’s natural resources at the disposal of fossil fuel corporations supporting hydraulic fracturing, carbon-rich tar sands extraction and pipeline projects. …" 
"Meanwhile, 2,000 government scientists have been fired over the past five years and hundreds of environmental programs that monitor food, water and air quality, study and prevent oil spills, as well as track atmospheric changes have been shut down for lack of funds. …"

There's much more to this story, check it out at:
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This story delves into the $26 billion Harper's government has sent to the private energy sector:
Fossil Fuel Subsidies Nearly $800 per Canadian, says the IMF
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DFO cuts

The Department of Fisheries and Oceans briefs its deputy minister, Matthew King, on the extent of multimillion dollar cuts to more than two dozen sections of the ministry, including coast guard services and scientific research on the impacts of industrial activity on Canada's water.


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