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Republicans Denying a Woman's Right to Self Defense

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Here is another diversion into the upcoming American election, this time highlighting one of the most shameful aspects of Republican power politics, their relentless attack on a women's right to self-determination and self-defense.  They justify their stance on the conviction that they've tapped into the mind of Thee God Almighty, creator of time and life, and that 'God' has commanded them... out of "love" and "caring" - to force themselves into a woman's private business.  

Despite their personal conviction, the laws of a nation that professes "liberty for all" has no business invading a woman's bedroom.  The crisis pregnancy is the concern of the woman, perhaps her family, health, and spiritual community, but certainly not the State.  

After all we are talking about a woman's right to self-determination and self-defense.  Which in this 2014 election is under attack in ColoradoNorth Dakota, and Tennessee.

Ironically, this same Republican God doesn't seem to have a problem with USA's gargantuan global armament sales (here, here, here, here) nor with the hundreds of thousands of innocent civilian casualties our guns and bombs have inflicted (here, here, here, here).  

What's most disturbing is that these Republican masters of the universe, the same group that remains incapable of recognizing the disastrous consequences of invading Iraq - wants to dictate their brand of morality onto a frightened woman in a crisis pregnancy, (with complete disregard for each unique situation).  Is it malicious or just thoughtless, I don't know.  

But I do know rational American citizens need to get out and vote in order to resoundingly defeat such measures every time they are brought up.

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Rachel Richardson Smith, whose 1983 thesis dissertation for the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary was "The concept of mothering and concept of God in the Old Testament") wrote what remains the most succinct thoughtful examination of this complex tragic situation in a March 25, 1985 essay titled "Abortion, Right and Wrong"I recommend it to all who have struggled with this situation or these questions.  
She is also the author of "Pregnancy and Childbirth: A Theological Event

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Who's a person?

Colorado's Proposition 67 wants to make this the law:

Shall there be an amendment to the Colorado constitution protecting pregnant women and unborn children by defining "person" and "child" in the Colorado criminal code and the Colorado wrongful death act to include unborn human beings? [*]      

Can we please consider a fertilized egg for a moment? It is a seed, home to unknowable potentialities. 

Do proponents understand that most conceptions result in spontaneous abortion?  (  Why doesn't that matter to them?  

Yes, those fertilized eggs are bundles of sacred life and a world of potentialities. They deserve to be treated as sacred entities. But, death, passing on, is a part of life, especially during those months of gestation. The fertilized egg must achieve genuine viability before it deserves the mantle of “personhood.”  

It seems most unreasonable to demand that a “Potentiality” deserves the same legal standing as an existing human.

From a political agenda perspective - I’m constantly amazed by the bizarre right-wing ability to proclaim their conviction in: “The Right to Life” and “The Sanctity of Life”... for an unborn being, then in the same breath support exporting death and misery to countless innocent humans in distant lands? 
 They'll exclaim: but that’s self-defense!  

Why not ask: What about the troubled mother who must make an agonized decision based upon self-defense for herself and her existing family? How can the right-wing be so cruel to disregard the all around tragic ordeal abortion is for those involved? 

When will our right-wing brothers and sisters grant women their own right to self-defense, dignity and empathy?

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