Monday, May 4, 2015

A high school student explains global warming for the curious.

I've watched a lot of climate videos, some are good, many are mediocre and too many are awful.  A month ago I came across this video which does a nice clean job of describing the scientific understanding regarding global warming.  When I noticed it was put together by a couple high school juniors, the unfortunates who will inherit this monstrosity our complacent self-centered society is creatingI was impressed enough to ask Emily permission to mirror her video.  It took a month, but a few days ago I received her permission, so here it is.  


The Science Behind Global Warming (Documentary)

my notes of highlights followed by her citations:

1:15   What is Global Warming?

2:35   Enhanced greenhouse effect

2:45   nice graphic 
(small detail 3:00 - not "preventing" escape),
followed by a very good description and graphics of our atmosphere describing how the greenhouse process captures more heat within.

4:25   "By adding greenhouse gases we have altered the natural cycle of the atmosphere making it harder to escape into outerspace...

5:30   Kinetic molecular theory

5:50   Scattering Radiation in the Atmosphere

6:15   The Rayleigh Scattering Effect

7:30   The Melting of Glaciers and Sea Ice

8:10   Paleo-climate - studying ancient air within ice cores

10:00   Arctic Ocean and sea ice

11:00   impact on global weather - jet stream

11:20   cold and Arctic's methane storehouse

11:50   ocean chemistry

12:00   Look at global Temperature rise since 1880s

12:30   Summation

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