Friday, July 21, 2017

Diary 7/22/17 "" What happened? Where are You?

I want to share something I posted over at the neglected Hotwhopper Chat room.  No it's not Sou who's done any neglecting.  Here's to looking at the person in the mirror.

What happened?

It's really sad that nothing has happened here.  I keep looking in and nothing.  Out of all those hundreds, thousands of participants in the  "Denial101x - Making Sense of Climate Science Denial" MOOC (Massive Open Online Course)  Weren't these students and concerned citizens interested in communicating the truth and essence of climate science fundamentals to their fellow citizens?

Seems to me was a perfect platform for students and other novices to science communication to come together to support and feed and strengthen each other.  People who felt an urge to add their own energy to the struggle of educating a people who don't want to learn.

Where are they?
Hope and struggle is a survival strategy in hopeless times.  I myself have accepted that we're signing our current biosphere's death warrant, but there are still many more tomorrows and next years to come.  Descending into the Trumpian world of self delusion is not an option - but those forces are ruthless beyond measure.  If too few stand up, they will continue steamrolling ahead with their destructive efforts.  The more we sit back waiting for others to do the work the uglier our days will get.  There is only hope in collective struggle.

So what happened?
Where's our community?  
Sou went through tremendous effort to build a safe international discussion platform for concerned citizens who want to participate in defending science against the ruthless attacks* now underway, but "they" (you) didn't come.  What's up with that?

* To mention just one
How the GOP Could Use Science’s Reform Movement Against It
The principles of openness, transparency, and reproducibility might be weaponized to defund and deny research.
ED YONG APR 5, 2017
Republicans’ War on Science Just Got Frighteningly Real
Two terrible bills that Obama would have vetoed are back in play, and they stand a very good chance of becoming law under Trump.

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