Sunday, July 2, 2017

Diary July 2nd, 2017 personal note and Village at Wolf Creek update

Just dropping by to say hello.  
At first I stopped posting because I needed to STOP.  
Too many train wrecks one on top of the other.  

Important matters with dark irreversible consequences, 
all very tragic and having a deep emotional impact on me.
Trump election; the astounding failure of vision and determination Democrats displayed in never getting Merrick Garland his Supreme Court hearing and vote; Bates’ malicious attack piece; the Fyfe 2016 fiasco paper that amounted to a stamp collection that produced a report that read like a Rorschach test; followed by a bit of related drama I still hope to write about, for the lessons it offers.

Rather than dance with a breakdown, 
it was time to put down the notepad and step away from the keypad, 
refocus on the work I do for pay, 
then after-hours, 
I shutdown my thoughts regarding things I’m absolutely impotent to do anything about.  As much as possible.

It was also time to focus full attention on this young dog who’s decided she owns me (my 1st) and our many (newly undistracted) walks over this forty acres I get to call my home.  Yeah, the universe has a strange sense of humor, but so it goes.

It was a good break for about a month, but with psyche mended or at least new acceptance of the profound failures we children of the intellectual enlightenment are guilty of, my thoughts won’t shut down completely.  I can't be blind to the world and if I can't be anything beyond a lone witness, so be it.  I heard a profound thought recently: "Hope is a survival strategy in hopeless times."  On we go.  (slightly edited 7/3/17 evening)

I feel I have three unfinished projects dangling here that I do want to finish, before moving on to something different.  But incoming work projects and other obligations are leaving me no extended periods of time required for doing that well.  But, this too shall pass, then I'll get back to it.

Though I’m not totally out of circulation.  
I do try to keep a bit of dialogue going at the Center for Inquiry forum - 
we’re always looking for more intelligent engaged participants, check it out.

And also my pet local wetlands preservation issue had a milestone victory recently which had me writing about that rather than getting back to the Bates project.

Open Letter to Mr. McCombs and Marsha Shields, please reconsider your intentions. (updated 6/20/17)
Supporting information:

SUNDAY, MAY 21, 2017
Judge Has Ruled - Red McCombs and LMJV land swap nullified. Text of Ruling.

US District Court Colorado, Judge Matsch's ORDER: 
"Where an agency action is found to be arbitrary and capricious, an abuse of discretion, or 39 otherwise not in accordance with law, the Court must “hold [it] unlawful and set [it] aside.” 5 U.S.C. § 706(2). The Court finds and concludes that Defendants actions violated the APA in the respects specified in this decision

Accordingly, it is ORDERED that the Record of Decision dated May 21, 2015, is SET ASIDE..  


Durango Telegraph

Friends of Wolf Creek call to action

To the editor,
After decades of mostly being relegated to the side-lines, while promoters made slick presentations and the powers-that-be danced their dance, our time has arrived. On May 19, Senior District Judge Richard P. Matsch handed down his decision nullifying the land swap between the Rio Grande National Forest / USDA and Leavell-McCombs Joint Venture (Village at Wolf Creek speculators).

The Rio Grande Forest Service received a stinging rebuke for its one-sided approach and is currently digesting the judge’s decision before deciding how to move forward. The Village at Wolf Creek and the LMJV speculators once again find themselves back at first base with nothing to show for more than three decades of lobbying, beyond lost court battles and endless expenses.

Now is the time when a significant ground-swell of the Friends of Wolf Creek proactively lobbying Red McCombs, perhaps even his McCombs Foundation and certainly the VWC website and the Rio Grande National Forest administration, could well have a resounding impact on their thinking, or at least their decisions moving forward. You never know until you make the effort.

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