Monday, September 13, 2021

You are the eyes of the Universe. (workbook #e)

An exploration into a different sort of perspective on the god ~ human relationship, one that starts with a mind experiment and ends in a beautiful mythical suggestion.


“Humanity is the most exquisite example of God’s need and desire to know itself.”


It begins with imagining creation from a god’s eye view.  If a god there be, what would, what could that god actually know about the universe? 

There was nothing to sense in the beginning.  Besides how could a substance-less God sense anything?

Seems to me, only by creating something, was there anything for god to observe.  But what would god observe with? 

It occurred to me that god could only experience its own creation, through the structures of that creation.  

Starting right at the 'big bang' along side energy, gravity, time and the ever evolving complexity of interactions in a growing cosmos.  


Blossoming through all the different cosmic stages, from energy coalescing into matter, then atoms, molecules, dust, rocks, galaxies, stars, planets, exploding stars, more dust and gravity, and so on.  

Then our miraculous Earth with its geology, joined by biology creating life’s foothold.  Then Evolution came into its own and things really got interesting.  With many creatures being forced to constantly strive for ever greater grasping/manipulatory abilities, plus the sensing and processes to do the best they could with their new hardware in ever changing environments. 

With time Earth collected layers upon layers of interwoven folds within folds of cumulative harmonic complexity, relentlessly moving towards ever more complexity, allowing god new vista’s via the ever more complex experiences of life on this miraculous ever changing Earth.  

Then came humans.


Think on it.  With us humans, god finally had a creature that could reflect back on the Cosmos of its own creation with genuine introspection.  What a trip that experience must have been to god.  (Infinity mirrors comes to mind)

Think of it next time you’re down, you actually are, the eyes of the world, why not use your short time well?  

Stop a moment and be grateful that you can appreciate the reality you are embedded within.  You are a living awareness, the most fantastical creature this most fantastical Earth has produced.  You are the witness of your own life and Earth’s.  No other creatures can claim as much.  

Let it matter.  If a god there be, it’s viewing the world through you.

The beauty of this story is that it doesn’t demand a rejection of physical reality or any aspect of science.  What’s it for? 

What’s religion for?  It’s the acceptance of psychological support, a teddy bear even, for the mind and soul.  It's okay since most people need them.  

What’s wrong with that?  

I know, that depends - it can be blessing or curse.

The important part is that it belongs within the panorama of my/our/your Mindscape experiencing this Physical Reality that our bodies are embedded within, and that I'm also trying to make more sense out of, through the cool rational eyes of science processed through my unique person, with its unique range of knowledge and experiences.



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