Friday, June 22, 2012

HAS CENSORED YOUR COMMENTS? has a very rigorous, if one sided, comments policy.

Those of us who have tried to present the rational scientific side of the AGW discussion over at Anthony Watts' website, know from first hand experience how freely they cleanse opposing commentary.  In fact, it's the main reason I resorted to putting together this modest website in the first place.

A couple posts back, I was able to show an example of this censoring of information that by all rights deserves to be posted in a forum that boasts an interest in understanding the science behind our planet's Anthropogenic Global Warming situation.  {Well at least if they took that boast seriously.}

I agree with this comment I received:

Anonymous  ~  June 21, 2012 7:08 AM
I know it can be a chore, but it may be of some value to those of us who follow WUWT that, if whenever you post a comment that you suspect will be suppressed, if you grab a screenshot and then upload it at a site like this. I'd enjoy saying I found it and ask why it was not posted.
So much so that,
I send out this invitation to all who feel WUWT has unfairly censored legitimate rational comments.  Send it to me and I will post your comments here.

It would be helpful to have the WUWT thread title along with the approximate time/date of your attempted post included.  Along with any background information and/or links you feel are appropriate.

Please send your contributions to -
Since I tend to skim through the mail box and ignore most of it,
including "WUWT SUPPRESSION" in the subject line will guarantee my attention,
I'll acknowledge receipt and post it as soon as possible.


dana1981 said...

I've probably had about a dozen WUWT comments censored, which is a large percentage of my total WUWT comments. For one, they always remove links to Skeptical Science. It doesn't matter if the link is just to support a scientific point you're making - the mods go in and delete it. They obviously see SkS as a major threat.

jyyh said...

Yeah, the texts on the site could be used as an exercise for measuring the degree of dyxlexism, if it wasn't harmful for dyslexics.

Anonymous said...

dana, you do an amazing job over at SkS! I am not a scientist and can easily get lost in the technical issues, but definitely want to know what questions you pose to Watts over at his site. Watts can appear as much more "reasonable" to the general public when he limits his "science" to his echo chamber, and the only way he can get away with this is if he doesn't get asked tough, direct, scientific questions. Watts claims he does not censor. I look forward to seeing your questions to him and direct evidence that he is lying about his censorship policy.

Anonymous said...

Wuwt does not take fair arguments-
I will listen-
Where is the meat?