Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Educational Climate Science videos of Peter Hadfield

I just posted this over at my Citizenschallenge blogspot, but considering the denial of information that skeptics are guilty of I've decided to also post it over here.  It's for folks who are interested in learning more.  It is true that Hadfield get's attacked by some skeptics, er denialist - but the proof is in the pudding and if you follow up on the authoritative sources upon which Hadfield reports, you will find that he is true to the data and has much to share.

While "skeptical" websites such as Curry's blog, or WUWT, or ClimateAudit, et al. spend endless hours side tracking the real issues and making mountains out of moles, in order to shield themselves for the full spectrum of Earth observation evidence ~ Hadfield's series explains the various aspects of our global heat distribution engine and why we as a people should be taking the scientists' consensus seriously. 

  And since I have some free time, I figured why not put together an index of Peter Hadfield's video series ~ it does an excellent job of reviewing what the scientific "consensus" on Climate Change is all about.

Grab the popcorn and sit down for some easy learning.   ;-)

Potholer Climate videos

Uploaded by potholer54 
Peter Hadfield 

2. Climate Change -- the objections 
by potholer54 ~ 7:25 

11a. Sources for my last video 
by potholer54 ~ 9:25 

14 - BP oil spills and an end to snow 
by potholer54 ~ 14:34 

Monckton Bunkum Part 2 - Sensitivity 
by potholer54 ~ 15:24 


This has been all about Peter Hadfield but I shouldn't ignore Peter Sinclair, aka Greenman3610, and his top notch coverage of the AGW "debate"... story...

Greenman3610 ~ Climate Denial Crock of the Week 

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Peter Sinclair interviews Peter Hadfield
Potholer54/Greenman3610 - The Search for Lord Monckton


A little deep background is also valuable.
Here is an interesting series that introduces one to Earth as a dynamic entity.  Incidentally, I believe it's impossible to appreciation AGW without appreciating the evolution of climate.

How the Earth Made Us
Professor Iain Stewart
BBC documentary

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