Thursday, November 8, 2012

Weather and Climate Summit - lecture series

I've come across this series of lectures and since they speak directly to teaching the reality of climate change.

I love these sorts of videoed lectures because I get to listen to actual scientists, people who are on the front lines doing the difficult work.  They consistently impress and educate.  And they bring home the point that uncertainly does not equal not knowing!

In my recent conversations at the JudithCurry discussion forum, I'm struck by their long winded grandiloquence, such as: “defenders of the IPCC consensus have expended considerable efforts in the ‘boundary work’ of distinguishing those qualified to contribute to the climate change consensus from those who are not [4]."  
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Trying to inject distrust, simply by making claims, never appreciating or sharing that what we are talking about is dedicated people - researchers and scientists and support staff going out in the field to conducting studies and doing the research and trying to be as accurate as possible in recording their observations.  No perfect at/in any part of this endeavor {like every other human enterprise} - but it works and it works well and they have learned a lot that does not deserve the contrived ridicule the "Free corporate Marketers" have orchestrated. 

There is a base dishonesty about folks like Curry and commenters at her website - when they are basing all their thinking on an assumption that the science has been inferior.  They don't provide actual specifics regarding ~ our actual factual world full of knowledge and experience that climatologists and related field of researcher have been accumulated ~ but they sure do continue believing themselves. 

I think we've reach the point it's obvious that this is all about desperately clinging to one's fictitious world view (Free Market, no Anthropogenic Global Warming, no need to change a thing about the way we lead our business and lives.) and not about the state of our knowledge.  Fear, fear and anger overriding objectivity and reason.  OK I'll get off my soapbox and invite you to listen to some very smart hard working scientists tell their own story:

This is a work in progress, right now I'm at step one getting it up here to share the links:

Weather and Climate Summit - Day 3, Session 6 
Dr. Jennifer Francis, Rutger's University

Wacky Weather and Disappearing Arctic Sea Ice: Are They Connected?

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Weather and Climate Summit - Day 5, Session 9 
The Arctic Paradox

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Weather and Climate Summit - Day 5, Session 
Jim White, University of Colorado

Climate Change Impacts Are Happening Faster and Faster- 
Greenland, Sea Level Rise and Some Atmospheric Chemistry

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Breckenridge Weather and Climate Summit Website:

Glen Gerberg Weather and Climate Summit 
The Weather and Climate Summit was established in 1985 to bring together television weathercasters and meteorologists from top U.S. and Canadian markets with leading scientists and researchers. This summit allows for dynamic and frequent interchange between the media and scientists in order to foster improved communication and collaboration between these diverse professions.  
The Weather and Climate Summit enables television meteorologists to learn more about upcoming technologies and research findings that will lead to improved public awareness. The Weather and Climate Summit also helps the attendees and scientists understand how each one operates, produces information, conducts research and communicates. The ultimate outcome of this summit is the establishment of improved media-scientist relationships that fosters continued dialogue for improved scientific communication to the public.
    Goal of Summit Participants
  • To learn about advanced technologies that can help improve weather forecasting and warning dissemination;
  • To understand the latest on the state of the climate and climate science research;
  • To better understand how extreme weather and climate change may impact their viewers;
  • Foster improved relationships with the speakers, scientists and subject matter experts.

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