Saturday, June 8, 2013

Concluding thoughts on: Lindzen, Deconstructs Global Warming Hysteria

That was quite the project, I wasn't sure I'd finish it... and I'm sure that it's going to need some doctoring, but right now I need to catch up on neglected chores, so I'm going to have to live with them the way they stand. {that's finally taken care of}

Thinking back on this adventure that started with the following challenge.

"Citizenschallenge, you are the one who chose to make personal attacks and dishonest ad hominems about James Taylor*, The Heartland Institute and the scientists in his article.   
You want videos from climate scientists? No problem,Richard S. Lindzen Ph.D. Professor of Atmospheric Science at MIT  
How many more do you want? I know you have been brainwashed to not believe there are highly credentialed scientists who do not support your position on climate change but please don’t make it so obvious."           (my highlight)

*He's referring to "James Taylor Caught Doctoring the '97-Percent Consensus' Claims

I gotta wonder if he actually believes what he says - or is it just his fear and anger?  In any event, I want to share the note I sent him today:

Alrightie then, I've been looking at your Lindzen talk and am again amazed at what some folks consider science.  Have you ever spent anytime listening to the lectures from the many colleges that are offering them on YouTube these days? 
Do you actually believe Lindzen's polemic stands up as an example of a science lecture?  Or are you another tunnel-visioned cynical warrior for an ideological world-outlook that belongs to a long dead era?   
You people who hold climatologists in such contempt - look around, haven't you figured out the world is a very different place?  A consume it fast as you can business plan, along with it's hubristic disregard - those things worked so well when the Earth was young and healthy and a cornucopia of resources waiting for the gathering - but, it is suicidal on a planet that has endured centuries of plunder and abuse. 
Now about your challenge to me.
I am definitely a partisan in this Earth awareness virtual dialogue I keep pushing - 
But, I am also a rational skeptic - and I live with the golden rule of learning - that is: remain skeptical of yourself - face mistakes and learn from them.   
I mention this because I've spent many hours over the past days reviewing that Competitive Enterprise Institute talk by Dr. Lindzen you challenged me with.  And since genuine critique and teaching and learning can't be done in sound-bites, I've detailed my review in a series of three posts.

Sincerely, citizenschallenge

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