Thursday, June 13, 2013

Donors Trust, Barre Seid, Heartland Institution, NIPCC, follow the money

In doing research for my NIPCC related posts today I came across this aside.  Though after reading it again and considering money is at the heart of Heartland Institution motivations, it may not be such an aside after all.  In particular that first PDF "Fake2" is quite the interesting document.

You decide:
Fakery 2: More Funny Finances, Free Of Tax (via Desmogblog)
Follow the money.  October 23, PBS Frontline's Climate of Doubt gave viewers an hour's coverage of the tactics of climate anti-science, its advocates and a quick look into the funding behind it. Read on to follow the money deeper into the funny finances, all free of tax. Last February, Fake Science…

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