Saturday, June 1, 2013

Forbes, James Taylor and Critical Thinking - 97 percent part two

This is a continuation of my previous post since it's based on the discussion thread over at James Taylor's "Global Warming Alarmists Caught Doctoring '97-Percent Consensus' Claims" article has become quite the circus.
There's one comment I want to touch on here. 

Froi Vincenton writes: “They {referring to global warming “alarmists” such as myself} can’t even argue properly. They all lack critical thinking skills.”

OK, how about if we try a critical thinking exercise?

Look at James Taylor’s article, he admits Anthropogenic Global Warming is real ~
he just hates people who claim it’s got the potential to be Catastrophic.

Thus it appears, we all agree that society has embarked on a grand geophysical experiment – driven by us pumping, presently over 2 gigatons of greenhouse gases per month into our thin atmosphere.

This part has nothing to do with fancy statistics, it’s simple math.
Remember now, the most powerful force in the universe is accumulating interest.

Here it is 2013 and we continue increasing our planet’s insulation layer, guaranteeing continued build up of heat/energy within our Global Heat Distribution Engine.

Like any heat engine adding more heat/energy will produce more activity,
read extreme weather events, rising sea levels – does anyone disagree with that?

After all what is weather but the Global Heat Distribution Engine’s way of moving heat, moisture, energy around the global

OK critical thinkers:
We have a warming planet…
society produced greenhouse gases are driving that warming…
we continue injecting 2 gigatons ++ a month unabated…
warming will continue…
we know warming causes rising sea levels, extreme weather events…
we have a complex society who’s
farms, energy production installations, manufacturing and, transportation networks are 
ALL depend on relatively benign and predictable weather pattern…

AGW + wasted time = CAGW

Get it?

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