Monday, March 3, 2014

Australia's MARCH in MARCH - Wake Up Gov' !

One of my pen pals has written an interesting article reminding us that We The People do have options when governments devolve into private clubs who's only interest is furthering personal fortunes, while demanding that citizens remain blind to scientific reality and our own self-destructive habits.  Food for thought and action.

Lock the gates and take to the streets for climate change justice

 Michael Marriott  24 February 2014, 11:30am

IN CASE THERE WAS ANY DOUBT, climate sceptics and the fossil fuel lobby have captured the political process, turn your mind to the events of this week.
Last Monday, Prime Minister Tony Abbott, announced a package to assist farmers hit be the drought. When asked if climate change had contributed to the suffering of farmers, Abbott breezily dismissed the idea:
If you look at the records of Australian agriculture going back 150 years, there have always been good times and bad, tough and lush times...''
… We need to shake-the-tree and rouse the Australian public from its present indifference. We need to pierce the walls of apathy and the pacifying effects of infotainment that currently cocoon the public from the challenge of climate change.
In order to achieve this we must, out of necessity, engage in acts of dissent and non-violent protest.
It is time to embrace all forms of civil disobedience.
Fortunately we do not need to wait for a leader of Martin Luther King's orMahatma Gandhi’s stature to inspire or instruct us.
There are three things you can do today ‒ right now ‒ that will help this campaign of civil disobedience.

Number 1: Help Lock the Gates

The Lock the Gate Alliance is a grass-roots movement dedicated to halting reckless coal and gas expansions. Farmers and citizens alike are joining together to protect their land and heritage. You can volunteer, donate and attend events to help support their cause.

Number 2: Take to the streets for the March in March 2014

The March in March 2014 will take place on the between the 15th and 17th of next month. Over 31,000 Australians have stated they will march to signal their lack of confidence in the Abbott government. Rallies like this are powerful symbols and can set the political agenda. You can help the cause of climate justice by attending a rally near you. See their website or Facebook page for details.

Number 3: Capture the public space via social media

The Internet is a public space, where every citizen has the right to express themselves. But it has been captured by political trolls, climate sceptics and News Corporation. Our task is to be the immune system of this public space, purging from it the disease of spin.
Get onto Twitter and online forums and challenge the sceptics. Use the amazing Reality Drop website to grab links and stories that counter the most common sceptic arguments.
We can take inspiration from historical examples: the fight to end slavery, the Civil Rights movement and the women’s movement.

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