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UCS | Scientific Integrity News archives 'attack on science' < 2008

I came across an interesting archive put together by the Union of Concerned Scientists it's a sampling of media coverage of political interference in science, such as shutting down EPA libraries, censoring any number of scientists and studies/reports, and so on.

It's good information to have on hand next time some contrarian tries feeding you Dr. Lindzen's canard that scientist who disagree with the AGW consensus are too afraid to speak out.  It's actually the other way around.  

In keeping with my mission here at WUWTW to examine and expose the ways of climate science denialists and other contrarians for profit I'm mirroring UCS's list.  Sadly it is a bit outdated {If anyone knows of another more recent collection of such information please share.}.  Still being familiar with the historical record of this past decade is important and it speak for itself.  
Here's your quick'n dirty UCS collection of reports on the Republican/Libertarian war on science.

Scientific Integrity News Archives

This archive has a sampling of the media coverage of political interference in science since UCS released its first scientific integrity report in 2004. The coverage is organized into issues; articles that address the misuse of science in general, or were not easily categorized, are represented in "Other Scientific Integrity News."
For the most recent news, click here.
Examine articles on specific issues:

Editing of CDC Director's Testimony
Censorship of Surgerons General
Science Idol: The Scientific Integrity Editorial Cartoon Contest
Scientific Review at USGS
Interference with Endangered Species Science
EPA Library Closures
UCS Survey of FDA Scientists

Science and the Endangered Species Act (ESA)
Censorship of NASA Climate Scientist James Hansen
EPA's Rule on Particulate Matter (PM)Global Warming/Climate Change Science
Toxic Mercury Pollution Control Standards Plan B Emergency Contraception and the FDA
Susan Wood Resigns from the FDAThe Florida Panther and Endangered SpeciesForest Service Whistleblower FiredUCS Survey of USFWS Scientists
NOAA Fisheries Scientists Survey
BLM Cattle DecisionAAAS 2005 Annual Meeting Discussion CoverageOther Scientific Integrity News

Original coverage of the scientists' statement and UCS report on the abuse of science by the Bush administration
At a July 2007 hearing of a House panel, three former Surgeons General testified about censorship of scientific reports and interference in their work.
  • July 31: "'Truth' Cartoon Wins Scientists Group's Contest" (NPR)
  • July 30: "Oregon Resident Wins 'Science Idol' Cartoon Contest" (Editor & Publisher)
  • July 29: "Eugene cartoonist wins a trip to D.C. and lunch with his idol" (Oregon Register-Guard)
  • July 15: "Online vote could earn editorial cartoonist title of 'Science Idol'" (Oregon Register-Guard)
Scientific Review at USGS
In December of 2006, the U.S. Geological Survey released new rules that may hinder the ability of agency scientists to publish their work.

EPA Library Closures (2006-2007)
In the fall of 2006, the Environmental Protection Agency began closing several major libraries. Scientists within the agency feared losing this information will affect their ability to carry out scientific research.
UCS Survey of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Scientists
In July of 2006 UCS released a survey of nearly 1,000 scientists at FDA.
  • Aug 8: "The FDA and Emergency Contraception" (Philadelphia Inquirereditorial)
  • Aug 2: "Senators Prod FDA Nominee On Politicization of Agency"(Washington Post)
  • Aug 1: "Analysis: Plan B stalls FDA confirmation" (United Press International)
  • July 22: "Scientific integrity under a microscope" (Miami Herald)
  • July 21: "Criticism of FDA resurfaces in survey of agency scientists" (Baltimore Sun)*
  • July 21: "Survey says scientists feel pressured, which FDA denies" (Newark Star-Ledger)
  • July 21: "FDA scientists blast agency's priorities" (San Francisco Chronicle)
  • July 21: "Survey gives voice to FDA complaints" (Kansas City Star)
  • July 21: "Scientists at FDA tell of outside pressures" (Philadelphia Inquirer)
  • July 21: "Some FDA scientists claim interference" (Reuters)

Science and the Endangered Species Act (ESA)In 2006, legislation moved through Congress that would have undermined the scientific foundation of the Endangered Species Act. More than 5,000 biologists signed a letter to fend off this legislation.
The Associated Press article in response to the letter from biologists to the U.S. Senate concerning science in the Endangered Species Act appeared in:
  • San Jose Mercury News (CA)*
  • Contra Costa Times (CA)
  • Monterey County Herald (CA)
  • North County Times (CA)
  • San Francisco Chronicle (CA)
  • San Luis Obispo Tribune (CA)
  • (CA)
  • Bradenton Herald (FL)
  • Columbus Ledger-Enquirer (GA)
  • Macon Telegraph (GA)
  • Belleville News-Democrat (IL)
  • Fort Wayne Journal Gazette (IN)
  • Fort Wayne News Sentinel (IN)
  • The Wichita Eagle (KS)
  • Olberlin Times (KS)
  • Duluth News Tribune (MN)
  • St. Paul Pioneer Press  (MN)
  • Kansas City Star (MO)
  • Biloxi Sun Herald (MS)
  • Herald News Daily (ND)
  • Brocktown News (NV)
  • Centre Daily Times (PA)
  • (PA)
  • Myrtle Beach Sun News (SC)
  • The State (SC)
  • Fort Worth Star Telegram  (TX)
  • The Kindred Times (UT)
  • Jackson News-Tribune (WY)
  • ABC News
  • CBS News
  • Forbes
  • Washington Post (DC)
In January 2006, James Hansen went public about beening muzzled for speaking publicly about the effects of climate change.
Original New York Times article: "Climate Expert Says NASA Tried to Silence Him" *
In 2006 the EPA ignored the recommendations of agency scientists and proposed air quality standards that do not adequately protect public health.
Original Article: "Bush Aide Softened Greenhouse Gas Links to Global Warming(New York Times)*
Editorials responding to the article:
Articles addressing this issue appeared in the following publications:
In addition, there have been several press reports about Republican in-fighting on political interference in climate change science.  In response to an inquiry by Rep. Barton (R-TX) investigating climate scientists, Rep. Boehlert (R-NY) rebuked the inquiry and political interference in science.  The story was covered on July 18th by:
The Washington Post article also appeared in:
  • Susan Wood Interview (Diane Rehm Show)
  • The Birmingham News (AL)
  • San Francisco Chronicle (CA)
  • San Mateo Daily Journal (CA)
  • San Luis Obispo Tribune (CA)
  • San Diego Union Tribune (CA)
  • The Monterey Herald (CA)
  • The World Peace Herald (DC)
  • The Miami Herald (FL)
  • The Macon Telegraph (GA)
  • Fort Wayne Journal Gazette (IN)
  • The Indianapolis Star (IN)
  • The Lexington Herald Leader (KY)
  • The Sun Herald (MI)
  • Duluth News Tribune (MN)
  • The Pioneer Press (MN)
  • Kansas City Star (MO)
  • The St. Louis Obispo Tribune (MO)
  • The Billings Gazette (MT)
  • Winston-Salem Journal (NC)
  • The Charlotte Observer (NC)
  • The Grand Forks Herald (ND)
  • The North Jersey (NJ)
  • Albuquerque Tribune (NM)
  • The New York Times (NY)*
  • The News Standard (NY)
  • The New York Sun (NY)
  • Daily News Central (NV)
  • Akron Beacon Journal (OH)
  • Toledo Blade (OH)
  • The Oxford Press (OH)
  • The Norman Transcript (OK)
  • The Register-Guard (OR)
  • The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PA)
  • Centre Daily Times (PA)
  • The Wilkes Barre Times Leader (PA)
  • Myrtle Beach Sun News (SC)
  • Luftkin Daily News (TX)
  • The Fort Worth Star Telegram (TX)
  • The Roanoke Times (VA)
  • The Barre Montpellier Times Argus (VA)
  • The Seattle Times (WA)
  • The Seattle Post Intelligencer (WA)
  • The News Tribune (WA)
  • The Capital Times (WI)
  • USA Today
Several newspapers reported on the survey of USFWS scientists released by UCS on February 9, including:
The UCS survey of NOAA scientists released on June 26, was reported in the Associated Press ("NOAA Scientists Say Reports Altered") and picked up by dozens of newspapers including:
  • Miami Herald 
  • Billings Gazette (MT)
  • Kansas City Star
  • Macon Telegraph (GA)
  • Columbus Ledger-Enquirer (GA)      
  • The Wichita Eagle 
  • Monterey County Herald
  • Bradenton Herald (FL)
  • Pioneer Press (MN)
  • Myrtle Beach Sun News (SC)
  • Fort Worth Star Telegram (TX)
  • Duluth News Tribune (MN)
  • San Luis Obispo Tribune (CA)
  • Charlotte Observer
  • Grand Forks Herald (ND)
  • Biloxi Sun Herald (MS)
  • Centre Daily Times (PA)
  • (PA)
  • The New Standard

AAAS Annual Meeting Discussion (2005)
A report on the discussion of political interference in science at the annual meeting of the American Academy for the Advancement of Science in February 2005 appeared in the following publications:
Other Scientific Integrity NewsSome of the better issue-specific or general scientific integrity stories between 2004-2006:
Original Coverage

The scientists' statement on scientific integrity, released in February 2004 along with a UCS report on the unprecedented level of abuse of science, recieved a significant amount of attention. Many articles were published at that time, including:

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