Wednesday, June 17, 2015

and now the ugly side of the AGW dialogue.

{updated with comments June 18 evening.}
Here we have Lee Stamper, he's been commenting at YouTube on a video I featured over here on May 4th, he doesn't pretend to be interested in understanding climate science. He's just pissed off and likes verbally attacking "alarmists".   

Since there's no substance to discuss, the only reason I'm devoting a blog post to him is because his verbal abuse has just crossed over the line into the threat territory. Thus, I'll document it over here.

Lee Stamper you are welcome to comment over here, please explain why are you so over the top upset with me?
The Science Behind Global Warming (Documentary) 

Lee Stamper  3:30 PM | June 17, 2015  -  Writes: 
+citizenschallengeYT    now since you think you know everything about me I can see you have never been in the military bozo..if you know everything about me tell me how many Viet Cong I have notches on my knife for ? better look over your sholder you may piss the wrong person off next time


Lee didn't respond over here, but he did over at YouTube 
so I'll just cut an paste that along with my response over here.  
This is what a virtual debate looks like.

+citizenschallengeYT amazing, you are like the guy that kicks the dog and then wonders why the dog attacks him.
So tell me sityzchalgne , what does looking somebody up on facebook to dig "dirt" up  on them have to do with debating whether global warming is real or not?
You are right maybe Emily will learn from this and see the dirty tactics that are used against "deniers"

why do you look into my profile ? why ? what is it to you ?? does Al gore pay you for spreading this propaganda??? do not attack people you do not know... why do you hide from reality ? why not use your real name  are you so ashamed of it that you hide behind some fictitious name ? be  a man and not a mouse ??? do not attack me with my schooling or where I was brought up ... you never divulge all of what you know ... did you know my former boss in Nashville went to school with Al Gore? do you know his Nephew is a manager of a MLB club? have you met Al Gore ? before spreading all of this stuff you better know the inside story cause you are WRONG... Do you know the God Father Of globeal warming and where he is right now in hiding ? why ? hmmm... you are gullible with fantasy land stories made up   ...not unless you are being paid to spread this BS ... may I lose back in the early 70's there were lost of poor scientists.. (you) someone knocks on your door hand you two envelopes one containing money and one containing findings you are looking for  you open the money envelope and there is $250,000 .... are you going to go along with the program or are you going to pocket the money ... and spread the BS ??? learn the inside story before you a brainwashed again.... remember it comes from the government the same government who promised you that you could keep your doctor and insurance...

Hmmm, I thought this video was about the science of understanding current global warming that is being triggered by way the heck too much CO2 being injected (added) into our atmosphere.  All the rest is silly distractions.  

Stop being so paranoid, all I did was click on your name and look at the public profile?  Why does that make you go ballistic? Haven't you looked at my profile?  If not, where's your curiosity?

Oh and odin where did I ever claim to know anything about you?  Lighten up buddy.

As for using a pen name, it fits my writing.  Plus let's get this straight, Lee wrote:  "... if you know everything about me tell me how many Viet Cong I have notches on my knife for ? better look over your sholder you may piss the wrong person off next time" -  Then you wonder why I don't put my name and address under everything I write??

Well, part of it is that I'm dealing with very emotional self-obsessed people who have shown themselves to be ruthless and who hate real debates (as in constructive learning exercises) along with real discussions that stick to the evidence and the issues at hand.  And from experience I know that when push comes to shove, rather than more information exchanges and explanation to argue about, you folks tend to run and hide, or devolve into threats…
… anything to keep the discussion away from learning about what we are doing to our own life sustaining atmosphere.

All i'll say to this again is your attempt at justifying your personal attack on someone is wrong.
Is it wrong for the NSA to violate the 4th amendment in order to convict a supposed convict? absolutely. Even if you find something that proves wrongdoing you can not use that information because it was a violation of the 4th. 
It works both ways pal, if you patronise arguments and facts from the other side (which you have done) you have to expect some of your own medicine fed back to you. Do not confuse my defiance to your pompous tone as running and hiding from "reality"

What are you talking about???
This is supposed to be about looking at Earth observations and learning about the two hundred years of scientific development that is behind the "Anthropogenic Global Warming" consensus.

This is supposed to be about striving to understand our global heat and moisture distribution engine (read, climate system) and it's various components and how they interact.

But, seems like all you folks want to do is turn this into a MMA Cage Fight, toughest guy wins.  That's bull shit buddy.  All you're offering is vandalism - I'm into the constructive part of life for my wonder filled few years on this fantastical planet - but you knuckle heads don't even seem to know anything exists beyond your own heads.  You are so stupid proud of your contempt for our civilization and biosphere.  So f'n tragic.  Why are so many of you people out there so hell bent on destruction???  It actually a beautiful world out there, but we are destroying fast as we can. 


Lee proves my point, not the slightest interest in learning about our global climate system. Here we see Lee devolve into handwaving, another 
lost soul flailing against the cold winds of reality.  (June 19th) 

Lee Stamper
12:06 PM
and your name is ? or you hiding behind mommies apron
Lee Stamper
12:15 PM
attack?? you started it and are you so stupid to believe in all that BS still? do you not understand also when your congress votes they get money for their votes ? they do not represent you.... they represent special interests. I thought you were educated but i see not , just brainwashed bad you wasted all the education money on that ...and I am correct in all facts i stated SIR
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Lee Stamper
12:16 PM
Lee Stamper
4:32 PM
you must also play fantasy football... oh wait Science also proved in the warren commission about the magic bullet that a bullet can stop in mid flight change altitude and then continue ...yes Science .... go back to your fairy tales or grow up and use your brain god gave you and stop believing every thing you read ... 
No, I haven't responded, what's the point?  
There's nothing remotely serious enough to respond to or try to explain.  
Just another example of a climate science unidirectional skeptic's meltdown.


Anonymous said...

Please just report the wanker and block him.

citizenschallenge said...

Actually this isn't about that wanker.
(Well, there is my policy of publicly confronting threats by posting them. I think more people should do that.)

More important, it's related to my informal study of "Seepage" and how the public dialogue has been deliberately poisoned.
It' about warning some younger inexperienced activists what's out there waiting for them.
Perhaps giving them a leg up with their responses to what they encounter.

It's about dissecting the pubic debate and exposing the various nasty games being played.
A learning experience for myself and others.

Unknown said...

You're so right about calling it 'seepage'. This method of insinuating negativity into an argument, to the point where the discussion is no longer able to address the premise, occurs in many topics argued on the internet, not just CC/AGW. When it crops up in the field of international relationships it degrades diplomacy to the point where war can easily break out.

Anonymous said...

Always brave, behind a computer screen, aren't they? oi.

citizenschallenge said...

So "vrooomie" another veiled threat.
You can threaten people, you can beat up people, you can even destroy people,
but that bull-shit has absolutely nothing to do with learning about what we are doing to our life supporting planet.
It could be a much better world if you folks would get your collective heads out of the trenches!