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Clarifying Landscapesandcycles Smears and Internet Snipers #2 ( Fear of Debate )

I thought Jim wrote a second blog disputing my arguments, but it turned out that what he calls "clarifying" was actually a rant against me and Sou, over at HotWhopper.  Heavy on the name calling and hostile insinuations, but lacking in clarity and nothing that can be cross-examined. 

So there's little of substance in this post, beyond it being another case study in the ways of the denialista and an example of what you, dear defender of serious science and rational appreciation for this planet of ours, can expect should you decide to confront such characters with facts and pointed questions.  

I almost dropped working on it, but then decided, since I make a big deal about challenging him to a rational debate, and if this is the best effort he can muster, so be it, guess it's what I'm stuck working with.

Once again, Jim's words are in Courier fond and mine are in Verdana.  In my previous post I explained why I've deleted my christian name which Jim can't get enough of posting all over.

Clarifying the Smears of Alarmist Internet Snipers 

STEELE: When you tell parnoids* their fears are overblown, no matter how much evidence, how logical, how honest the arguments may be, the paranoids' reactions is to heighten their fear
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
Jim likes talking smack.    
Calling me names and dismissing me is easy, but it still leaves him hiding from tons of authoritative logical evidence packed with explanations and links to even more supporting evidence. 
Forget about the 97% consensus, focus on the 99.999% scientific certainty !
Scientific Consensus on Global Warming 
Scientific societies and scientists have released statements and studies showing the growing consensus on climate change science. A common objection to taking action to reduce our heat-trapping emissions has been uncertainty within the scientific community on whether or not global warming is happening and if it is caused by humans.  
However, there is now an overwhelming scientific consensus that global warming is indeed happening and humans are contributing to it. 
They think you are trying to make them loer their guard so you can get them. 
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
It's not about lowering anyone's guard.  It's about rejecting Jim's misrepresentations and slander, and objectively learning from the evidence at hand.  
Being an ecologist who has promoted wise environmental stewardship my whole career, my climate skepticism is especially threatening to climate alarmists who try to characterize skeptics as people who do not care about life and the environment.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
Jim's background has nothing to do with my gripe.  It's his deliberately misleading malicious talk that's intent on slandering good and serious professional scientists that has me dogging the guy.   
Also, it's Jim who's constantly trying to pretend that scientists don't thoroughly understand how greenhouse gases function in our atmosphere - which is unacceptable.
I totally realized that by publishing my experiences and research and how it led me to climate skepticism, I would be painting a target on my back for rabid internet snipers.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
Oh the self-aggrandizement and victimization complex wrapped in one.  Don't kid yourself Jim, it's your broadcasting of relentless misrepresentations that has marked you as one of the bad guys, no matter how much holier than thou talk you come up with.    
So it is no surprise that 2 internet snipers, :-) (aka CitizenChallenged) and ;-) (aka Slandering Sou from Hotwhopper) have blogged several posts trying to paint me as a liar and a fraud. Neither have any science background.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
Actually Sou does have a science background having earned a Bachelor of Agricultural Science with honors, which is more than can be found on Jim's CV 
As for me, I've been an interested spectator and proactive student of Earth sciences and AGW since my first introduction to the science back in '70/'71 high school science class.   
In the succeeding decades besides the usual of living, working, careers, raising our family now grown and into their respective lives, I didn't spent my fleeting free time on ball games, Hollywood and fantasy lands, and/or shopping obsessions, I was too occupied with actively learning about what this incredible planet I was born into was all about.   
I learned about our planet's wonders through the adventures that scientists were having.  The discoveries they shared with the interested public no matter how large or small our numbers.  
Trust me, with decades of accumulated experiences and knowledge I'm ready for a serious debate with a climate science skeptic who can do more than howl insults and hide from the real facts and important questions.
Just as important, it doesn't take a scientist to recognize someone misrepresenting the science which is out there for all to learn up on.  That's why my reviews include so many links to authoritative information for others to pursue on their own.
See for yourself:
 Their only skill appears to be mounting smear campaigns against anyone who talks about the natural causes of climate change and changing species' populaitons.  

Their posts usually reveal their great ignorance about the science and betray their misguided obsessions. :-)'s obsessions has transformed his website into   "shrine dedicated to smearing Jim Steele"
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
More self-aggrandizement - the thing is Jim's produced such a flood of slander and scientific nonsense that's worth exposing, that I'm stuck doing a lot of posts, in for a nickel, in for a dollar and all that.  Trust me, I and my blog will be very happy to move on, but I still have to collate a year's worth of investigation into a concise review and being a non-scholar with many distractions, it's a challenge.
As for "revealing great ignorance" in my world when confronted with folks who display great ignorance, one's impulse is to help teach the willing and to offer sources of information where they can continue learning independently.  ______________________________
 I do not want to wast my time detailing their every falshood and distortion, but a few posts are needed illustrate just how twisted their internet sniping has become.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
Now I admit, I like Jim less and less all the time, but that would not stop me from attempting a rational exchange of evidence with him.   
But Jim's attitude seems to be: 'dispute me, confront me with hard questions and you are my mortal enemy' or something like that.  
Thus all this silly straw man fabrication and chest thumping.
Below are a few links that I posted to Anthony Watts' Whats Up With That website debunking ;-) and Slandering Sou's attacks. I am adding a few more rebuttals here*, but I will not waste my time addressing all their inane blathering. However is you have a specific concern that you want me to address, please email me and I will gladly reply.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Unless it's CC or Sou.

*I only saw one rebuttal which you can find here:
Clarifying Landscapesandcycles Dishonest Internet Sniping #1

His classic WUWT article was responded to at:
Dear Mr. Steele, regarding your 1/7/15 WUWT post - an open letter... and

P.M. Helps Expose USHCN Homogenization Insanity - WUWT


Mr. Jim Steele, Can you clarify your argument?
A) That wildlife biologists working in extreme conditions and over continental landscapes make mistakes? 
B) Disputing that Anthropogenic Global Warming with it's profound changing climate driven landscapes alterations causes adverse cascading consequences for wildlife and eco-systems (read our biosphere)?   
Can Mr. Steele come clean and explain what his fundamental thesis is?

And some questions for Mr. Steele to consider:

Jim Steele watt's up with your venomous self-indignation?

{* I'd usually correct spelling errors and typos out of courtesy since lordie knows I'm no one to point fingers in that regard - but Jim's insulting trash talk needs more cleaning up than a little sloppy spelling so I'll leave them be, as a character reference of sorts.  }

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