Saturday, October 17, 2015

ClimateAudit. . .“Citizenschallenge” has no CV

Something has come up that's inspired me to repost this explanation of "who I think I am" and why I invest the time and effort to continue posting here at WUWTW.
Originally posted in February 2014

I'd like to share my response to an observation someone made over at ClimateAudit - 
Consider it a sort of bio piece.
{slightly improved.}
dbs...  Posted Jan 30, 2014 at 6:48 PM : 
“Citizenschallenge” has no CV.
(Response Posted Feb 2, 2014 at 1:11 AM)  dbs,

For starters I have never claimed to be a scientist, nor grad!  That's why, when I state my opinions I make a point of supporting my assertions by sharing the authoritative sources I base them on.  My hope is that curious people will go to original sources and start learning for themselves - the evidence speaks for itself.

As for CV,

I'm a spectator, an attentive witness to this global warming "dialogue" been one for over forty years now.  What I've witnessed is a pathetic, sad show of calculated misrepresentations, dirty tricks, and lies beating down and out-screaming serious rational professional scientists, all the while forcibly misdirecting the public dialogue away from the important realities all of us people needed/need to get a grip on.

From my first memories I've had a passion for learning about the world around me, from the inner workings of my body, to understanding the story of how our planet and this creation surrounding me got here... plus everything in between.  Approaching Being 60ish and with a respectable mastery of two trades under my belt - I have proactively experienced and learned a great deal.  

I started blogging because I was fed up with how successful the right-wing think-tank machine was/is in wall-papering the internet and google searches with endless repetitions of malicious misleading slander, now I feel it's my duty to speak up - my time is short and though I'm not schooled in journalism or writing, I will no longer stand by watching punks beat up honorable scientists without tossing in my two cents.

I hope more will recognize and denounce a strategy based on the acceptance of an endless repetition of lies. 

We should to be learning, not tearing each other apart - after all, once we get past all the fabricated hostility, we still need each other to get things done, plus to keep ourselves honest!

Sincerely, Peter

~ ~ ~ 

One of the true beauties of science is that it's an organized universally accepted system of keeping each other honest.  
Mistakes and fraud happen, but they get caught out, because scientists really are a skeptical critical crowd and they love catching and challenging mistakes!  

On the other side of science we have this network of policy oriented right-wing think-tanks, who's mission statements have nothing to do with learning about our planet's biosphere and our need to protect and nurture it.  They have one goal and that is to fabricate PR campaigns, dirty ops, and endless misrepresentation and vilification of the scientific community and the evidence they are gathering. 

Further related thoughts.
"Surely you're joking Mr. Weingarten!"
January 29, 2014


Victor Venema said...

dbs has no CV.

Most likely dbs was searching for your CV to smear or harass you.

dbs was moderator at WUWT, moderating discussions people had with one of his many sock puppets, mod, dbstealey, Smokey, D. Boehm. This year he did it so bad that he is no longer moderator at WUWT.

citizenschallenge said...

Thanks for that background info. It's always interesting to see the connections at work.
'Smokey' you say, now that's funny. Takes me back to my short stint commenting at WUWT...
before I got banished and decided to start this blog. We had a couple fruitless exchanges.

And now you say Anthony doesn't even want him anymore, so sad ; (