Friday, October 23, 2015

Morano, National Review and pals, this is what global warming looks like.

Having watched our climate's slow transformation this past half century has been profoundly heart-breaking.  2015 and we are witnessing our first 200 mph hurricane, from tropical storm to Category 5 hurricane in 24hr, nothing happening in the oceans you tell me.  No global warming over the past 18 years?  Silly fools, we told you where the heat was going, (just because measuring it is exceedingly difficult doesn't mean it wasn't happening and that it wouldn't certainly come back to haunt us.

Satellite Movie Sees Record-Breaking
Hurricane Patricia

Published by Video on Oct 23, 2015
At 8 a.m. EDT on October 23, 2015, the National Hurricane Center reported Patricia became the strongest eastern north pacific hurricane on record with sustained winds near 200 mph. This animation of images captured from October 20 to 23 from NOAA's GOES-West satellite shows Hurricane Patricia near western 

By: Jeff Masters and Bob Henson , 5:04 PM GMT on October 23, 2015

Stunning, historic, mind-boggling, and catastrophic: that sums up Hurricane Patricia, which intensified to an incredible-strength Category 5 storm with 200 mph winds overnight. At 2:46 am EDT October 23, 2015 an Air Force hurricane hunter aircraft measured a central pressure of 880 mb in Patricia, making it the most intense hurricane ever observed in the Western Hemisphere. 

The aircraft measured surface winds of 200 mph, which are the highest reliably-measured surface winds on record for a tropical cyclone, anywhere on the Earth (the three claims from 50/60s have been shown to over-estimates Black 1992)). The previous strongest Eastern Pacific hurricane was Hurricane Linda of 1997, with a pressure of 902 mb (estimated from satellite imagery.) ...

Patricia's central pressure dropped an astonishing 100 mb in 24 hours, making it the fastest-intensifying hurricane ever observed in the Western Hemisphere. Patricia's pressure at 5 am EDT Thursday, October 22, 2015 was 980 mb, and was 880 mb at 5 am EDT Friday. ...

Oh yeah, I can hear it already: "No single storm is proof of global warming."  Nonsense!  Every storm is evidence of our changing climate, none is independent of global warming!

The success of that tactical misdirection has been astonishing and far reaching. Even serious scientists glommed onto it. But, it's a farce. It ignores the basic physical reality that weather is the tool of our climate and climate is dependent on the composition of our atmosphere.

Follow what I'm saying here? Climate is a heat and moisture distribution engine. Weather is the physical tool that does the work of distributing the sun's heat and hot moisture laden air masses that our equatorial belt is constantly churning out. It follows that no weather event is independent of the overarching warming of our weather making engine - so, what's up with all the wishful avoidance?

It's worse than wishful avoidance, it's malicious hostility coupled to a refusal to learn.  Here's a typical gem from comments under yet another inane article at the National Review, "The Liberal Gulag, Revisited"

DWD. to  citizenschallenge • a few days ago
" is criminal"

No, commies like YOU are the criminals! Your lies about CO2, a harmless gas required for life, are what is hurting people. YOU are driving up energy costs and wasting billions of taxpayer money that could be spent on mitigating what little problems there are which ... doesn't include HURRICANES does it? We are experiencing the longest drought of cat 3 to 5 hurricanes in known US history - YOU said they would be worse and more frequent didn't you? Doesn't include snowless winters either which YOU also were predicted ten years ago along with an ice-free Arctic.

You are all a bunch of LIARS and would fail a lie detector test. I would pass it because I am speaking the truth. There is not one piece of empirical evidence that supports the lame notion that the tiny amount of CO2 humans add to the air is doing ANYTHING "bad" to earth or its climate.... ZERO!!! There isn't even evidence that getting warmer is "bad". There is more rainfall in the Sahara and with the extra CO2 the Sahel region is much productive than it was 30 years ago. If not for your evil bio-fuel mandates (buying food from starving mouths to burn in machines) the people there would have plenty of food.

Republican/libertarians fighting science and learning about our one and only home planet Earth with mindless rabid anger, way to go, the American Dream in action.

Mr. Marc Morano (and pals), 

from my recent visits to your website looks like nothing has changed?  But than this is all a cynical game of profit for you, isn't it?  It's our children's tragedy that so many good people fell for your destructive siren song.

"Even now, ClimateDepot’s Marc Morano reiterates his call for a “hostile reaction” to climate scientists"
BY Joe Romm | Jan 11, 2011 


Marc, you don't know what you've got, till it's gone 
take a look.

Published on Jul 15, 2014
Earth From Space Full HD Nova
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citizenschallenge said...

Quite the storm, amazing flare up fueled by a warmed up ocean,
then land and mountains and lack of "refueling energy" from the ocean
and Patricia 'fizzles' into a tropical storm over night.

Weird weather, welcome to the new normal.
Fortunately, she came in at a fairly unpopulated stretch of coast line,
But, there will be more and they rarely follow the same path.

BBC - Tropical storm Patricia: Risk of floods and landslides