Wednesday, December 23, 2015

1000frolly and how the science denying PR machine operates

Lately I've been marveling at the prodigious output of disingenuous climate science ridiculing videos by a certain 1000frolly at YouTube.  He went into over-drive around the Paris climate conference:
4 in the past 24 hours (+4)
11 in the past 2 days (+7)
19 in the past week (+8)
27 in the past 2 weeks (+8)
31 in the past 3 weeks (+4)
39 in the past month (+8)
Everything from "The rise of eco terrorism" - "our last year of freedom?" - to "human CO2 emission are wholly beneficial" - to claiming the scientific understanding of greenhouse gases is a big hoax, of course, ignoring all the modern marvels that demand and in their own way prove that thorough understanding!  

His videos exude such a contempt for Earth's physical being and processes - along with hostility and a contrived paranoid attitude towards their 'opponents' and the established scientific community at large, that I've been increasingly curious about who's behind this YouTube Channel.  

Today I came across an indication that this 1000frolly might be the infamous  Lord  Monckton himself.  This piqued my interest since I've had a few go-arounds with both 1000frolly and the Lord himself, whom I'll admit I studied closely for a while and am in awe of, as a political performer that is.  Unfortunately, the substance of his rhetoric is loaded with malicious fraud.  

Trying to solve the mystery I visited two of his YouTube vids and asked him straight out if he was Lord Monckton, so far no response. (1000frolly has responded with the highbrow: "Sorry; I only answer scientific questions.")  Later while trying to track down more information I came across this excellent exposition on one particular chapter in the War on Science which did such a good job of detailing the networks and connection at work, including Monckton and 1000frolly, that I thought it should be added to my collection.  Regarding the mystery of who's behind 1000frolly if anyone out there has any information please do share.

Now I will hand it over to John Mashey who has done some detailed research into the ways and means of the climate science contrarian PR campaign again people's right to learn about serious climate science and their one and only planet.


Bob Trenwith said...

You might be interested to know that I have discovered the identity of 1000frolly. His name is Robert Holmes. He lives in Victoria Australia, and he originally comes from Park Grove, York, UK. He owns/owned "Talbot Observatory", and this photo shows him standing in the theatrette of the observatory:
This is his LinkedIn profile:

citizenschallenge said...

That's interesting. I've sent an email to TalbotObservatory informing him of the above comment and asking:

"I've received a comment at my blog claiming that you are the person behind the YouTube Channel "Frolly1000".
I was wondering if you cared to respond?
Any information would be appreciated.

Bob, can you explain how you came to that conclusion?

Bob Trenwith said...


I already knew what 1000frolly looked like due to his previous profile photo on YouTube, where he actually had his head under his mortar hat. Since he changed his photo, the only place I could find his image on his site was in the following video of his:
Check the last few seconds of the video where he has a still of him posing with Fraud Monckton. So I knew what he looked like.

In the comment thread of his most recent video on Murry Salby, 1000frolly was asked why he had not posted many videos in recent times. His response was that he had been working on his PhD. He was asked what his PhD was about and he answered "Fugitive Greenhouse Gas Mitigation". (Note that these comments have vanished today, so he clearly recognised his error in sharing that information).

I searched for that thesis title on Google to see if I could come up with likely candidates, and the following one came up:

At this stage it was one of many canditates, although I had an inkling that this was our man. Then I found his LinkedIn profile which I previously linked you to. Note that the LinkedIn page has vanished since yesterday, which seems to confirm my claim. (I also posted a comment on one of his videos, so not sure which one of us got to him first.) This page said that Holmes owned Talbot Observatory, so I searched that to see if I could find any clues. When I found that photo, I instantly recognised him (as you should now).

Since my first comment I have found the following page:
If you scroll down to Nov 10 2013, you will see a user by the name of guest-Insoeaj who says "Check my YouTube site at 1000frolly, I have 135 videos which prove the CO2 alarm is not warranted.". He signs off as "Robert Holmes".

So it appears that at one stage he had no problem sharing his name publicly. Why has he got cold feet? Well, if you download the text of his PhD thesis, you will see that he actually quotes from the IPCC and other climate change bodies. It seems that he needed to play the climate change game in order to write his thesis, and is afraid to let fellow researchers know what his real opinions are on the subject. That is my guess anyway.

I saved the html from his LinkedIn page, so I can provide images of it if you wish. I am tempted to write to Federation University to let them know who their PhD student really is. Do you think I should do that?

Bob Trenwith said...

Note that Mr Holmes has now taken down his Talbot Observatory website.

citizenschallenge said...

That's interesting Bob,
Perhaps I'll have to resent my previous email to him and add a question about the Talbot Observatory website.
Thanks for sharing the information.

Since my email went through but I haven't received a response -
I feel more comfortable sharing the email address:

Aug 25 (3 days ago)

I've received a comment at my blog claiming that you are the person behind the YouTube Channel "Frolly1000".

I was wondering if you cared to respond:

Bob Trenwith said… (quote of your comment)

Any information you cared to share would be appreciated.


citizenschallenge said...

Bob Trenwith you write that you discovered 1000frolly's identity.
Can you share how you discovered it.
What have you done to investigate the claim?

Bob Trenwith said...

I actually made a reply which explained that in detail, but it hasn't appeared. Could you have deleted it?

citizenschallenge said...

Bob, I checked my Spam Folder and found it in there, why it would send your comment to spam, when I've published a couple of your comments is weird. Even weirder when I clicked NOT SPAM, rather than going to moderation or being published it disappeared. Irritating since I'd only read the first sentence. Would you mind sending it again.

sorry, Peter

citizenschallenge said...

Bob - Update Wednesday 8/31/16

My email to Robert did receive a reaction, one couldn't call it a response, a reaction that opened up whole new can of worms.
Angry and aggressive, defending himself from imagined persecution, blindsiding me with a number of passionate issues,
I mean the man no malice.

I asked one simple question and was hoping for one simple honest response.
He never did answer that question. I was expecting a simple "NO, are you joking!"

My confusion is when I look at what there is about the Talbot Observatory, it's a wonderful project.
If R is responsible for building that and putting together those educational programs - I bow down to the man.
That is one beautiful effort of passion, and I am deeply impressed, even before seeing the inside.

But I don't know anything about it beyond what their local chamber of commerce shares on the internet and in a response to an email from me. Nor do I presume to, that's why I ask.

Bob, it would be cool to email with you* - 1000frolly is a malicious fraud who deserved to be taken to account for all the lies and deception he spews from his YouTube propaganda channel. Over a 130 video dedicated to stupefying gullible people.

I am absolutely not into harassing an innocent man, still that response makes me curious to learn more.
I sent R another email yesterday - Now I run off to work and to dealing with more productive and enjoyable challenges.

Best Wishes, CC

*citizenschallenge at gmail

citizenschallenge said...

Hank Phillips on 7/5/17 - I got no time or space for your kindergarten rant.
I'm after grown-up dialogue. Try again.
Perhaps start with a specific complaint you have with this hockey stick. Are you up to learning?
Insults are cheap.

The Hockey Stick: The Most Controversial Chart in Science
"Climate deniers like to make it seem like the entire weight of evidence for climate change rests on the hockey stick," explains Mann. "And that's not the case. We could get rid of all these reconstructions, and we could still know that climate change is a threat, and that we're causing it." The basic case for global warming caused by humans rests on basic physics--and, basic thermometer readings from around the globe. The hockey stick, in contrast, is the result of a field of research called paleoclimatology (the study of past climates) that, while fascinating, only provides one thread of evidence among many for what we're doing to the planet.

Climategate: Can a Graph Tell a Lie?

What evidence is there for the hockey stick?

Anonymous said...


Peter Miesler said...

Okay, Anonymous 12/11/2018 - What am I supposed to do with this. Tell us more.

Bob Trenwith said...

@Peter Miesler
Why do YOU have to do something with this to make it a worthwhile post?

Peter Miesler said...

Don't understand what you mean. I've done nothing. You've offered me no backing to support claims re Frolly1000 identity.
No one else seems to give a damn and the slaughter of the innocents (more like deliberately ignorant and hollywood disconnected from reality) continues. I'm open to suggestions.

It takes an informed proactive-team, a community and progressive rationalists still haven't seemed to figure that out.

I doing the best I can with what I have, keep hoping to connect with people but there doesn't seem to be anybody out there, so now I simply cope and enjoy what I have.

Jim Steele makes a much better abject lesson, for whoever might be interested in understanding the nuts and bolts of the "libertarian" con job being perpetrated against a lazy apathetic complicit public.

Peter Miesler said...

That last paragraph should have started with 'Currently'

Peter Miesler said...

Oh rereading Bob's query another couple times, let me give my response another try.
My previous question was a basically "okay what am I supposed to do with this" -

That was meant as in "what good is this link?" -
"What am I supposed to be thinking about it?" -
"What information is it offering?" and
"Why should I be looking at it"
"What should I do with this information being shared?"

Does that make sense to you?

Bob Trenwith said...

@Peter Miesler
I have absolutely no idea what the first of your three posts is about. It's like you're responding to a completely different post.

Peter Miesler said...

Well Bob.
I feel likewise.
I've no idea what the hell you are hinting at.
Spit it out.

Bob Trenwith said...

You asked "what am I supposed to do with this". I am wondering, given that the post was not addressed to you, why the fact that YOU do not know what to do with it is of any relevance.

Peter Miesler said...

I am citizenschallenge,
I figured most who have spent any time getting to know my writing knows that.
Lordie knows Jim Steele has done his best to blast it all over.

Cheers, Peter
aka citizenschallenge

Bob Trenwith said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Peter Miesler said...

The quality of your answer is directly dependent on the quality of your question.

What the hell is your question?

If you can't get to the point (and perhaps even quote something from what I've written or shared in the above blog post to put it into a constructive context.) I'll probably start ignoring your comments. I'm not into riddles or circle jerks and that is what's starting to happen here.

Good day to you sir.

My regards,

aka citizenschallenge

Peter Miesler said...

Contrived dog-chasing-tail riddles is what I'm talking about here.

Peter Miesler said...

Bob Trenwith said... August 29, 2016 at 4:31 AM:
I actually made a reply which explained that in detail, but it hasn't appeared. Could you have deleted it?

No I don't recall receiving anything.

I apologize for the edge in my above comment, but it feels to me like you're playing games.
You have my email, citizenschallenge at gmail com - Back when, I kept waiting for something substantive, but nothing, riddles and silence.

Wasn't enough for me to do more with and my time is limited, so I move on.
And now this latest series comments from you at best vague,
I've tried figuring out what you want, I've responded in good faith, if with growing irritation.

Would love to have a constructive dialogue, but you leave me guessing. At this point can we please go back to first base, tell me what you have, what I or we should do with it, or if its something altogether difference than 1000frollic. oops.

Have a good day Bob,


Dr Robert Ian Holmes (aka 1000Frolly) said...

BE AWARE that Legal Proceeding have been initiated against Robert Trenwith for inciting violence through this blog site (Peter Miesler's) and other places against myself and my family.
THE SCHOOLTEACHER ROBERT (BOB) TRENWITH OF NORTH SYDNEY GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL will be served with a restraining order, sought through the Australian courts against Mr Trenwith. If you wish to further associate yourself with Robert Trenwith or any others involved in any violent actions against me or my family then you may also be subjected to legal action.
Dr Robert Ian Holmes (aka 1000Frolly of YouTube)

Dr Robert Ian Holmes (aka 1000Frolly) said...

Robert (Bob) Trenwith has been reported to the police for inciting mob violence through this blog site and other places against myself and my family.
THE SCHOOLTEACHER ROBERT (BOB) TRENWITH OF NORTH SYDNEY GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL is being served with a restraining order, which has been sought through the Australian courts against Mr Trenwith.

Signed Dr Robert Ian Holmes (aka 1000Frolly of Youtube)

citizenschallenge said...

Hello Mr. Trenwith,

I reckon 1000frolly didn't have enough scary capital letters in his first comment so he felt compelled to redo his threat.

So Mr. Trenwith, care to offer any details of what's going on over there? Apparently you have hit a nerve - I'm off to do a short blog post where I'll offer my two cents worth, but how about you?

I'm irritated with you because you speak in riddles, then you disappear. I have no idea who you are, or why I should believe you.

However, Robert Ian Holmes has confirmed that you were correct, Holmes is the brains behind the maliciously, grossly dishonest 1000Frolly video channel.

I do notice he offers no dates or case numbers, so I imagine he's full of bullshit, how about letting me know if you've been contacted by the courts or him. Even more importantly where do you go from here?

My attitude to this threat by Dr. Holmes: Make my day you disgusting fraud ! -
Want a legal battle, so do I ! Because that would finally enable me to spotlight what a malicious liar about climate science you are.

Now how about some specifics or are you just another bag of hot air, Dr. Holmes???

citizenschallenge said...

PS. Trenwith, this is where it gets interesting. You seem to have the tiger by the tail, what next? Now is the time to act.
I'm all ears, speak to me.

In private if you like:

citizenschallenge ~ at ~ gmail

citizenschallenge said...

Dr Robert Ian Holmes (aka 1000Frolly of Youtube),

You got some gall considering the monstrosities you feel comfortable broadcasting on that climate science by bull-shit YouTube channel 1000Frolly Fraud.

Can you please provide, case number, date and the court you filed this alleged complaint at?



citizenschallenge said...