Monday, December 21, 2015

Now Republicans are cheering for Global Warming

Now that the Paris Climate Conference is over, it's been astounding, and heart wrenching, seeing how the Republican anti climate science crowd has double-downed on their incessant campaign of contrarian crazy-making, I mean YouTube and the internet in general has been getting carpet-bombed with contrarian talks and arguments of the most juvenile rung, but it seems to satisfy their constituency, no one is complaining.

I mean ignorant dismissiveness stuff such as:

R Jr. wrote: CitizensChallenge, We live in an Ice Age. You know those little white things at the poles? Warming is good, otherwise when the Holocene ends, the cold, lack of rain, increased deserts and extreme storms will kill 7+ billion. Oops!

End the Ice Age. Promote Global Warming. Warmth promotes life.

(informative links explaining the science behind my claims is offered at the end of this post)

R Jr. has never taken the time to learn about how important those big white things at the poles (along with the pretty white things on top of mountains throughout the world) are to this biosphere humanity evolved within, and is dependent on.

Losing the Arctic's ice cap is going to force radical changes onto ocean and atmospheric circulation patterns, along with allowing the ocean water to directly absorb sunlight that used to get reflected back to space - all this will profoundly disrupt the flow of the Jet Streams along with the weather that they create.

As for the glaciers throughout the world, they are keystones of regional hydrologic and weather patterns, along with stabilizers of river flows.  But, Republicans are thoughtlessly cheering on the end of those patterns that our society has become dependent on.  Why?

Don't people understand that our farms, transportation, energy infrastructure, even daily quality of life are all intimately connected to relatively benign and predictable weather patterns.  Losing the polar ice caps and mountain glaciers means radically disrupting those weather patterns and the hydrologic cycles that regional economies and people are dependent on.

Any objective evaluation of global weather observations reveals an increasing tempo of extreme weather beating up infrastructure we depend on.  With the promise of more and more to come.  

Why does the Republican crowd seem to have such contempt for (and disinterest in) this planet we depend on?  
Wish someone could explain that.

Here are sources that can explain some of the: 
impacts of losing our ice caps and glaciers;
vulnerability of the infrastructure we depend on, to extreme weather events;
melting Arctic Ocean, jet stream, and extreme weather.

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