Thursday, January 21, 2016

Confronting Willful Ignorance - dedicated to 1000frolly YouTube channel, Lord Monckton

This one's dedicated to Lord 1000frolly's YouTube channel.  I use Lord frolly because I have reason to think the character behind the YouTube channel is none other than bad old Lord Monckton, the undisputed master of political theater.  It's of interest to me, because the channel has been flooding YouTube with stuff that can only be described as a strategic campaign of malicious misinformation with the intent of interfering with We The People's right to honestly learn from what serious scientists (who have spent full time professional careers become expert in aspects of climate) have been learning and trying to explain to us and our leaders.  

I'm working on a post looking at a video where he takes on Potholer54 and this was going to be my final section, but it was already too long and I figured this would make a great preamble to my next post.  I wanted to include it underscore the fact that these are old stale argument that have been thoroughly examined and dismissed as the evidence has evolved over these past decades.

What I have here is the linked index to SkepticalScience's resource that explains the problems with the whole rainbow of contrarian talking points.  Definitely a one stop resource for quick information and important references.

Climate Myths sorted by taxonomy

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