Sunday, January 10, 2016

John Mashey looks behind Dr. Ivar Giaever's facade

Last month in my 'sock puppet' series I spent much time participating in and reporting on a debate within the comments of a YouTube video, "The PseudoScience of CO2 Based Climate" given by another self-deluded but oh so self-certain old character.  I know it's rude but the utter childishness of Giaever's arguments demand no less.  I'm amazed such transparent fraudsters aren't tossed out by their ears.  Nah, instead they get paraded around and applauded in a sick strategic effort to keep the public ill-informed.  Why do I think I can say such things about Ivar Giaever, well it's his own words and track record that speak for themselves.

I'll let John Mashey explain the details in this Repost of his recent DeSmogBlog article - after all he knows them much, much better than I do.

Ivar Giaever: Nobel Icon For Climate Deniers, and Philip Morris

Sensible Nobel laureates study new topics before offering strong opinions on them. For example, at nearby Stanford, Burton Richter "retired" from high-energy physics, and kept contributing, as in talks, book and energy efficiency project. Former U.S. Secretary of Energy Steven Chu has no problem speaking on climate science. Of course, both have easy access to top…

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