Saturday, April 9, 2016

CAGW (CO2 science), let’s not jump to conclusions...

My splendid period of 'down time' has come and gone, my life is once again crowded with work and other obligations, so my 'puter and blogging time has been slashed.  I do have a couple projects close to finished, but nothing ready to post.  This evening I just wanted to share a comment I made over at Center For Inquiry.   It speaks to one of the issues I believe needs better enunciating and broadcasting.
Dude says: "As for the catastrophic global warming, let’s not jump from the frying pan into the fire."
Citizenschallenge writes: To my ears, this sounds like another fool ridiculing the notion of CAGW. 
That would be catastrophic anthropogenic global warming - that would be a warming of our Earth (and its climate system) causing our planet to become inhospitable to human wants, expectations, needs and ability to cope with.
Here are a few questions such individuals refuse to respond to:
CC:  What, you don’t believe in the reality of accumulating compounding interest?  What about acknowledging trends?
Why reject the evidence that Atmospheric Greenhouse gases are increasing at an unheard of rate; that we are responsible for it; and that they will remain in the atmosphere a very long time?  Science tells us these gases are atmospheric insulation. - Reality tells us temps are increasing and glaciers are melting at frightening and increasing speeds. - But Republicans/libertarians want to play word games and pretend away this reality with distractions into an endless smoke and mirrors labyrinth of trivial pursuits. 
Why do you think the trends in glacier melting are going to reverse themselves under the current regime?
                                                                                                         Why do you believe rising sea levels aren’t going to severely impact coastal cities, infrastructure and population centers in massive catastrophically disruptive ways?
Why, don’t you think the disruption of millennia’s old seasonal cycles and scrambling the interconnected coordination between a vast variety of living organisms is going to wreak havoc with our agriculture bounty?  
Here are some realities such individuals refuse to acknowledge:
CC:  We have a society today where most people don’t have a clue how complex and interdependent the public infrastructure, that enables all this, has become. People take the weather and moderate temperatures for granted never realizing what a knife edge society has always lived by. Tweak those parameters just a few degrees up or down and it makes a huge, life altering difference to the inhabitants of this planet.
Today in Earth's history, humanity with our fossil fuels burning are in the driver’s seat - what part of that doesn’t make sense to Republican and libertarian types?            Please someone explain!
How can the Republican/libertarian PR machine of supposed grown-ups justify pretending CO2 Science is a hoax?
Society has made incredible strides in the past couple hundred years, “escaping” ancient constraints - unfortunately we younger generations have become reckless thanks to our mass-media fed sense of entitlement that instills an apathy that inturn breeds ignorance, laziness and blindness.  
It’s a story that’s old as humankind, new generations thoughtlessly squandering the hard won achievements of their elders and winding up destitute.  Only this time around we’ve run out of new horizons for our children, and future generations, to escape to and start the cycle of exploitation and thoughtless destruction yet again.  
The only thing you can bet on these days is that there is a terrible reckoning barreling down on us, yet look to our political and business leaders.  All I see is smoke’n-mirrors from disingenuous scoundrels.
(This is comment 208 of a rambling affair about how to avoid Climate Model lessons, if you're curious, link here

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citizenschallenge said...

There was a follow up comment worth including here. He quotes Dude, then goes on to explain:

"What are you claiming, that *Catastrophic* Climate Change somehow isn’t?

Keep in mind that what we humans have been collectively doing for well over a century is the equivalent of running a real world replication of events that have resulted in the worst extinction events in the Earth’s history. And probably doing it on a much shorter time scale.

This along with everything else we’re doing like rapidly fishing down the food chain in the oceans, massive deforestation, urbanization, etc… is rapidly pushing many ecosystems to their breaking point. It’s clearly insane to think this can last or that we have any time left to play politics with it. Which is still the case in far too many countries."