Sunday, October 15, 2017

Considering a contrarian’s “Global Warming Pathways”

Mikie the Contrarian writes:

What I see is there are (two) separate Global Warming pathways going on at the same time. ...

But first.  Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose.  Though I only had a lifetime of self-study regarding our marvelous planet and its processes and history under my belt, I still felt qualified enough to put in hundreds of hours directly confronting contrarian claims with rational arguments, backed by copious links to more authoritative sources for real learning opportunities.  

Various impulses drove this passion, since I’m basically self taught it provided me with great personal learning challenges.  I’ll admit to dreaming of winning over some contrarian, though more important was a desire to produce substantive study guides to help jump start interested students to engage in their own efforts of public debate and standing up to the massive malicious astroturfing going on.  

I’d also hoped to network with like minded citizens who resented the nonstop transparent lies as much as I do and who were likewise motivated to engage in the public “debate.”

I’m aware that with over a decade of blogging all I have to show for my efforts is a good deal of self-education which is satisfaction in itself, but still never any substantive connections that would help me improve my work, nor any sort of organizing a bit of intellectual confrontationalism against all the malicious deception being astroturfed everywhere.  

Seems everyone rather keep it polite and play by the contrarian handbook.  

Yet, it’s 2017, and it seems that despite all that has unfolding in past years and again this year not a damned thing has been learned by so-called conservatives and the GOP in general, heck the Democratic liberals themselves remain stunned and clueless as ever.  

So, what’s the point at this point?  

This blog will continue, but rather than trying to imagine connecting with anyone out there, I think for a while I need to try writing with myself as the intended audience, since it feels like I must write about what I’m witnessing from my unique perch.  If only to help me cope with the onslaught of destruction I once feared and that we are now witnessing - and that we’ve caused.  See what I can learn from that.  

I’d be a liar if I said I wasn't interested in folks looking in, or connecting with real people of passion and appreciation for this mother Earth that created us, nurtured and sustains us and that we will dissolve back into once our time is up.  People who believe the juvenile sociopathic myths perpetuated by the climate science contrarian machine need to be directly intellectually confronted and even harassed to death.  I simply fear they aren’t out there.

Now on to the main feature inspired by a discuss at Center for Inquiry Forum


Mikie the Contrarian writes:
What I see is there are to separate Global Warming pathways going on at the same time.

The one used by the scientists of facts. And the other used by the consensual science and political science group. One group has all the money in the world, the other has to work the in quite method of not shaking the boat or pissing off the group with the money and political backing.
CC responds: Yes grasshopper, there are many pathways, …

There is one physical Global Warming pathway unfolding.
It’s controlled by thermodynamics and the geophysics of the matter.
Greenhouse gases hold a key regulating position in this process.  
The physics is understood in exquisite detail.

In the day to day world we are becoming ever more familiar the current transitional weather regime’s destructive realities,
namely cascading consequences such as the California fires,
and the past ten hurricanes in ten weeks, not to mention what’s happening in the rest of the world.

The longer term future of that trajectory will be impacted by how much greenhouse gases are ultimately added to our atmosphere, although nothing will change our short term momentum and I fear its going to knock us off our pins.

There is one scientific pathway, the map makers. 

Observing, recording and understanding what is going on within natural processes.

It’s been pursued for centuries now and the results are a coherent internally consistent understanding, that the likes of Mikie do everything to confuse, dismiss and avoid looking at.

A summation is clearly spelled out and open for constructive honest critique - the IPCC reports.  Though the overall evidence is there to be found within decades worth of thousands of papers and observed Earth changes.

There is one political oligarch driven pathway of disinformation. 

Hate mongering and denunciation against climate scientists and the work they produce, Mikie here has echoed their nonsense often.

organization that represents the scientific understanding being gathered in real time.

Just need to listen to the likes of Seitz, or Singer, or Lindzen, Watts, Delingpole, the Lord M, r. Cohen, Steele and all the rest
to understand what I’m talking about. 
Science by insinuation, slander and libel in the service of avoidance.

There is the I’m the one and only religious pathway. 

Where all too many people have adopted the incredible notion that they - petty, scared, selfish, self-interested humans that we are - understand the billions of years old “true” God of Time and Creation, Life and Love.  

It’s an appalling conceit and indicates a profound disconnection with the real flow of our lives and time and the biosphere that created and sustains us.

It demonstrates an unhealthy self-absorption into one's own mindscape and disconnect from the physical world that surrounds and sustains us. 

It’s a terrifying thing to behold because this Faith has allowed them to totally tune out the real physical world, we depend on, to a stupefying extreme.

There is the I want mine pathway of single-minded dedication to consumerism. 

Hollyworld Fantasizing, and the proposition that too much is never enough. 

This one consists of humans who never evolved past their adolescent me-me, self-interest phase and never matriculated into the adult enlightened-self-interest phase.

Where we think past oneself towards community and cooperation with others for collective and personal benefit.  No it's not communism, it's community.  An appreciation that none of us knows everything, we all have blind spots, we need each other to keep ourselves honest.  That was the great thing about America, we as a people used to understanding that, okay not always.

Very sad to see its truly gone.  I can see how that encourages a complete disconnect from all that’s uncomfortable or inconvenient to an easy embrace of facade and fantasy.  

It works when you’re a teenager and others covered for you, it doesn't work in the long run.  But, seems few learn that anymore, most people are media saturated and there’s little room for true curiosity, learning, contemplation and genuine personal growth. 

So profoundly sad.  Guess that’s what my writing is really all about, me trying to process this collective insanity so I can continue functioning in a world and beautiful old life that I see dissolving around me.  As a high school grad the world was open and beckoning, okay it helped that I was a nice white boy, if broke, but that's means nothing today.  The opportunities no longer exist, the innocence and acceptance of strangers has also wilted, everyone is a threat today.

How fortunate I feel to have started down my road less traveled while there was still some time left to experience the last days of Earth being what it had been for all of humanity's rise to society, what a tragedy we wasted all these decades and all that knowledge.  We knew, I knew.  Why did so many ignore it all these decades?  That I will never comprehend, no matter how much I grapple with it.

Message to interested readers, I'm just an outside life long observer and my writing is done in fits and starts with constant short and long interrupts, thus it never surpasses the 'grandma moses' level.  But, my information is solid and my reasoning is solid and I welcome anyone with more time and focus, to take anything at WUWTW and use it as a starting point for better efforts that reach more people.  

Of course, if anyone were interested in helping me focus more on this, my obvious passion, to see what I could accomplish with the luxury of full-time focus on my side, please do let me.  

Citizenschallenge - P.O.Box 56 - Durango, Colorado, 81302 - citizenschallenge at gmail


Not a wine critic said...

By way of encouragement, I am using your excellent Denial101X video index as a resource for my students.

The course is The Science of Global Climate Change, and I'm using Arnold Bloom's textbook.

If nothing else, thank you for providing that resource! If you ever shut down your blog, please send me the HTML so I can post your index page on my own public pages.

citizenschallenge said...

Wow, impressive -
Beautiful clean crisp page, nicely done. Thanks for the tip regarding the Arnold Bloom's textbook looks interesting.
I'm not familiar with it and will give it a closer look.

Thanks for the encouragement.