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Flashback, April 2018 a stab at our dysfunctional dialogue, Colorado Democratic Assembly.

This is side two of the flier I handed out at the 2018 Colorado Democratic Assembly/Convention (side one).  I notice I've improved a bit in subsequent writings, but will leave this version as it was. (Oh and it looked nicer formatted in two columns, but its the substance that matters so hope this will do.)

A few thoughts regarding Climate Science and our dysfunctional public dialogue

I’ve spent a couple decades attempting to debate climate science contrarians.  This has given me insights into the faith-based mind in action and the games they employ to derail discussions. I’ve distilled my experiences into the following list of observations regarding our dysfunctional public dialogue.  It’s incomplete and improvable.  Still I hope it’s a useful effort, food for thought if nothing else. 


Uncertainties vs. known Physical Certainties

Is it a disservice to constantly allow trivial uncertainties to become the focal point of the public discussion, to the exclusion of facing the known certainties.

In real life when we get overwhelmed and mired in increasingly complex problem, we stop.  Back off a little, get reoriented with the big picture and what we do know with reasonable certainty, then move forward again.  

I’m not saying ignore uncertainties!  But keep reminding all of the overriding fundamental certainties!   Thus putting those trivial pursuits into real world perspective.


Map vs. Territory Problem

Scientists are Cartographers mapping out the geophysical realities of our planet, the Territory if you will.  They do the best they can with the data they have available.

Too often we assume that until our scientists can define all aspects with statistical certainty, we should assume it doesn’t exist.  That’s getting lost in the Map and forgetting we actually exist within the Territory and had better beware, (which incidentally, doesn’t care if we get it or not.) 


Sloppy usage of “Natural Variability”

Every component and aspect of our Global Heat and Moisture Distribution Engine is warming and energizing.    All of Earth’s historic Natural Variabilities are embedded within this warming matrix.

Weather systems are not caused by global warming, but every last one of them is certainly impacted by it.  We have left the historic climate regime, comparisons to yesteryears offer little to understand this brave new 400 PPM + + world we have created for our children.


“Global Warming” vs “Climate Change”  

Climate change is a result, not a cause! 
Give credit where credit is due?
It’s our atmospheric insulation doing all the heavy lifting!

Anthropogenic Global Warming is the cause and driver of the cascading Climate Changes we are witnessing.  



As professor Lewandowshy put it: “...even when scientists are rebutting contrarian talking points, they often do so within a framing and within a linguistic landscape created by denial, and often in a manner that reinforces the contrarian claim. This ‘‘seepage’’ has arguably contributed to a widespread tendency to understate the severity of the climate problem.
“Seepage: Climate change denial and its effect on the scientific community -

Also see: - May 15, 2015
Seepage: Climate change denial and its effect on the scientific community - May 14, 2015
Seeps and SCAMS Part III: Richard Betts misunderstands (and misrepresents) a paper


Responsibilities of Scientists vs Responsibilities of Citizens and Students

Scientists are dedicated to their work, given their education and accumulated knowledge their time is very precious and we need them focusing on their respective tasks.  

They are not the one’s to fight for public recognition that their work is rational, objective, factually, morally authoritative.  That task must fall on others.   

Our democracy demands an informed and engaged citizenry.


Define the Debate, A to Z. 

Scientific Debate is where one honestly represents their opponent’s position.  It’s a constructive give and take.  

If we fail, it means something.  It may hurt, but it’s a learning experience for the intellectually honest.  Mistakes have always been learning opportunities for the stout.

Z Legal Debate, is about winning.  Facts are treated as irrelevant obstacles to hurdle.  Being skilled in rhetorical trickery is the prerequisite, objective learning doesn’t occur.

Amorality, facade and theatre are its hallmarks.


Intellectual Confrontation

The fact is climate science awareness is being actively stifled by ruthless individuals with bottomless bank accounts.  They have sold a lazy public a pack of lies that have become the comfort zone of all too many today.

How can the misinformation this juggernaut force feeds the public be neutralized without direct intellectual confrontation by masses of informed, concerned, engaged citizens, everywhere it pops up?

It’s not about attacking people, it’s about attacking the maliciously deceptive words, the lies they spew.  It’s about learning how our physical planet operates!  Stand up for honesty.  


Call out false claims. 

We must demand honesty in the public discourse - stop accepting delusional thinking.  Call it out, demand they produce evidence for their claims, demand a level playing field.

When someone makes a malicious false claim, relentlessly demand evidence for said attacks - shame and expose those who refuse to produce evidence for their claims and those who refuse to learn from their mistakes.  Expose their dishonesty.

Good resource for factual climate science jump starts: 


Confront trash talk with Rhetorical Jujitsu

Contrarians depend on personal attacks to distract the discussion from their bankrupt “science” - learn to recognize the game and turn it to your favor, be prepared to point out the juvenility of the tactic while forcing the discuss back to real world facts.
“LandscapesAndCycles, Jim Steele’s malicious deception.”


The pain of our new age. 

Face it or not, we are like child being inextricably torn from our mother for all time.  Our brave new world is arriving.  It won’t be fun or good.  Still continued delusional thinking and disregard for the scientific understanding will only make the coming decades much worse.


We The People have the right to demand honesty when hearing what real experts are trying to convey, without being flooded by the constant deceptive and fraudulent cross-screaming from the propaganda machine of avaricious unhinged oligarchs.


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