Sunday, November 25, 2018

Ildiko Valeria Miesler (December 20, 1925 / November 24, 2018)

Ildiko Valeria Miesler
December 20, 1925 - November 24, 2018

You were a most extraordinary mother,
sowing and nurturing the seeds of love, caring, 
curiosity, family, and belonging.  

Looking back from 63 I realize how you made us aware 
of our connection to this Earth that created us,
"Children breath deeply, savor that clean country air." 
and the human spirit within us, 
“Behold children what two hands have achieved.”

For navigating a challenging unforgiving world, 
you instilled in us the gift of appreciating that substance matters more than facade.

You endured much adversity always retaining the deepest love for us five children and an infectious enthusiasm for our world and the good people in it.  

Thank you with all our hearts!

One moment I think I have a lot I'd like to share, next moment it's all silence within.  My dear mother passed away yesterday evening, nearly 93 she was ...
ready to go.  Her contemporaries were pretty much all gone already, her health and mobility was going, memory going, but mental soundness remained, so she was stuck studying her own decline.  On top of that, always being keenly interested in current events, she was deeply saddened by recent American politics and genuinely frightened at how much it was sounding like prewar Nazi Germany.  She was ready to leave, we who loved her dearly will miss her hugely, still we have the memories and we have the peace of knowing she is okay now, it hurts, she's gone, there's sadness, but so it is, and still it is good.

Her life had cascading impacts known and many beyond what any of us can know.  That is where she will live on, that is her soul at work and her living legacy.  Life has a trajectory and at the end is death, and death possesses its own sanctity, we must make room for future generations.  I think what I'm trying to share on this unique day for me, when my beloved mother died, is that it's okay to know she returns to the Earth that created her in the first place.  It's okay that she's entered the deep eternal sleep, no heaven needed, she made her own heaven here on Earth during the time allotted to her given the opportunities and despite the hinderances life laid out for her.

She was the wise one, she knew the time to live was here and now, and she instilled that appreciation and faith in the order of nature in all of her children.  And it is good.

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